Welles Wilder Strategy

Welles Wilder Strategy

holistic concpet of 3 indicators – DMI + ADX + PAR

should give a high hit rate.

we need an UP Trend, with strong Trend dynmic and a pro cylcic breakout pattern.

the target is the same length from the low to the breakout – par is the dynamic stop loss.

for indicator lover a nice bread and butter system.

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  1. luisella • 301 days ago #

    Great scanner Odin. Do you know where I can find -intermediate term breadth momentum oscillator- same as – !ITBMRASPX on stockcharts.com

  2. odin • 296 days ago #

    hi luisella, i think breadth indicators a not available in pro realtime, because you the calculation is just for the single stock you analyze and not for the whole stocks they are listed in the index 🙁

  3. 4example • 283 days ago #

    Thank you

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