Heikin Ashi Doji screener

Heikin Ashi Doji screener

This is a Doji pattern adapted for Heikin Ashi candlesticks. The pattern's body size can be adjusted in the parameter, in percent compared to the complete range of the candle. It is set to 5 percent but you could change it with the desired body size.

This Doji screener has been coded by request on Italian ProScreener forum.  

A wide range of other patterns can be retrieved in another complete indicator that grouped many candlesticks patterns, you can find it here: candlesticks patterns recognition

A Doji pattern is a well known candlestick formation that symbolize a market exhaustion or an indecision of the bull or bear actual trend.


//PRC_Doji Heikin Ashi | screener
//Nicolas @ www.prorealcode.com
//Sharing ProRealTime knowledge

// --- parameters
DojiSize = 5 //x% percent of body size compared to the complete range of the candlestick
// ---

if barindex>1 then
 xHigh = Max(haOpen, haClose)
 xLow = Min(haOpen, haClose)
 hahigh = Max(High,xHigh)
 halow = Min(Low,xLow)

data=(abs(haopen - haclose) <= (hahigh - halow) * DojiSize/100)

screener [data]


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  1. pascal3431 • 7 days ago #

    Est ce que le screener fonctionne si l’on n’est pas en visualisation Heikin-Ashi ?

    • Nicolas • 7 days ago #

      Oui il fonctionnera de la même façon et dans tous les autres types de représentations du prix, les bougies heikin ashi sont entièrement recalculés dans le code de l’indicateur. 

  2. zen83 • 2 days ago #

    Merci Nicolas, génial! cela faisait un certain temps que je l’attendais, c’est un bel outil d’aide à la décision en double visualisation HA / Chandelier

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