Haos Visual

Haos Visual

The Haos Visual technical indicator is a trend indicator in the form of a histogram oscillating around the zero level.

The algorithm of the Haos Visual indicator measures the difference between two William’s Percent Rank T3 oscillators with different periods.
A signal line is also calculated.

The Haos Visual stock market indicator identifies over-bought and over-sold markets and could be used to find potential price reversal key zones.

Indicator converted from MT4 by request on English forum.


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  1. Dimi.A • 01/10/2017 #

    Nic, you’re a blessing mate thank you so much. This is great.

  2. Matriciel • 01/10/2017 #

    Merci pour ton travail Nicolas !
    Ca m’a l’air d’être un très bon indicateur de tendance.

  3. Francesco • 01/10/2017 #

    I googled for an interpretation of this indicator, but found nothing except an MT4 strategy using TMA Bands also. Please, someone can write some comments about?

    • Nicolas • 01/10/2017 #

      The request to code this indicator came from this topic: https://www.prorealcode.com/topic/haos-visual-indicator-request-for-nic/I haven’t read anything myself about this indicator, but like many other oscillators, you might find it useful to catch potential reversal zones (reversion to the mean). So use it with TMA bands is somehow a good idea.

  4. Francesco • 01/10/2017 #


  5. Lyny • 01/10/2017 #

    @Nicolas, how can i put this code in ProOder when for example i want to buy 1 share with condition fast line < – 30 level, and want to sellshort 1 share with condition fast line > 30 level? Please help, i can not figure how to put it into code on Creation by programming.

    • Nicolas • 01/10/2017 #

      Please open a new topic on forums for coding requests, I’ll help you there. 

  6. Johan Swarts • 01/10/2017 #

    Lyny / Nicolas
    Please advise whether you proceded with the code in ProOrder and if so where can I find it

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