Haos Visual

Haos Visual

The Haos Visual technical indicator is a trend indicator in the form of a histogram oscillating around the zero level.

The algorithm of the Haos Visual indicator measures the difference between two William’s Percent Rank T3 oscillators with different periods.
A signal line is also calculated.

The Haos Visual stock market indicator identifies over-bought and over-sold markets and could be used to find potential price reversal key zones.

Indicator converted from MT4 by request on English forum.


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  1. Dimi.A • 218 days ago #

    Nic, you’re a blessing mate thank you so much. This is great.

  2. Matriciel • 218 days ago #

    Merci pour ton travail Nicolas !

    Ca m’a l’air d’être un très bon indicateur de tendance.

  3. Francesco • 207 days ago #

    I googled for an interpretation of this indicator, but found nothing except an MT4 strategy using TMA Bands also. Please, someone can write some comments about?


  4. Francesco • 206 days ago #


  5. Lyny • 193 days ago #

    @Nicolas, how can i put this code in ProOder when for example i want to buy 1 share with condition fast line < – 30 level, and want to sellshort 1 share with condition fast line > 30 level? Please help, i can not figure how to put it into code on Creation by programming.

    • Nicolas • 193 days ago #

      Please open a new topic on forums for coding requests, I’ll help you there. 

  6. Johan Swarts • 158 days ago #

    Lyny / Nicolas

    Please advise whether you proceded with the code in ProOrder and if so where can I find it

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