kajsy88 I'm using prorealtime suplied by ig markets so that's potentially why then !
davidspain It would be possible to use this screener at the same time than the recent one about high vo...
Jean-Pierre Poulain Hello, I am in version 10.3 but it does not work  
darraghcoyle77@ Hi Nicolas, Can this be edited to only show bullish/ bearish engulfing .   Darragh
guinsu2000 hello excuse my english, but i didn't see spinning candle detection ?  can you add it please !
Nicolas You should have a look at this other candlesticks patterns indicator: https://www.prorealcod...
Adolfo Onrubia Thanks Doctrading! Let's try something with it. :)
Doctrading Sure, I will :)
farridin Hi Doctrading thank you very much for this code. One question as I'm new to coding, what wou...