Trend Histogram CCI

Trend Histogram CCI

The purpose of Trend Histogram is to detect a trend at the most opportune moment


Trend Histogram uses the functions of the CCI (Commodity Chanel Index) to calculate whether the price is in a trend phase.

For this, the CCI is used under four basic values ​​which allows it to have a short, medium and long view of the market situation.

How to use it

Trend Histogram ((Indicator))

Its fundamental goal is to indicate you visually if there is a trend or not in the form of a red or green rectangle, you can also see the movements of the CCI in the indicator (in the form of dots and rectangle) to give you a overview of its current level.

A BackGroundColor is provided to visualize the indicator on the Main Graph

It is obviously recommended to position yourself in a market that converges with these higher timeframes.

So, use this indicator on a multi timeframe.

Once the timeframe has converged, you can apply an intervention strategy


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  1. XXXXVII • 223 days ago #

    Fixed ITF Trend Background

    //Indicateur CCI
    ID2 = CCI[50] => 60
    ID3 = CCI[100] => 60
    ID4 = CCI[150] => 60
    ID5 = CCI[200] => 60
    ID7 = CCI[50] =< -60
    ID8 = CCI[100] =< -60
    ID9 = CCI[150] =< -60
    ID10 = CCI[200] =< -60

    //Regroupement des commande
    IDL = ID2 and ID3 and ID4 and ID5
    IDS = ID7 and ID8 and ID9 and ID10

    //Commande CCI
    If IDL then
    Signal = 1
    elsif IDS then
    Signal = -1
    Signal = 0

    if signal = 1 then
    if signal = -1 then


  2. Sanglier • 221 days ago #

    thanks ! i have been looking forward to find something like this

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