Scalping Counter Trend strategy

Scalping Counter Trend strategy

– On the basis of a program written by Leo entitled “LEO MOVING AVERAGE” I propose a simple strategy to initiate positions in “Against Trend” on detection of new higher or lower …

– The program displays the maximum and minimum levels, indicates the position and the direction of the input with a planned Stop Loss indicating the extreme points. It colors the background trend on the unit of time used in blue if the asset is bullish or yellow if it is bearish. A simple 200-period moving average was added to validate the medium-term trend …

Variables make it possible to adapt this strategy to your liking:

  • “Period” Value of LMA moving average
  • “Offset” Adjust distance text Stop Loss of the candle
  • “Color” Adjusting temperature background color
  • “BackColor” Mask the background color (visual option)
  • “Text” Hidden text “Stop Loss”


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  1. ludo6977 • 03/07/2019 #

    it’s great work, but is it repainted? In any case good job.

  2. ludo6977 • 03/07/2019 #

    he is extremely late. Too bad

  3. Sofitech • 03/07/2019 #

    Could you give some explanation about this indicator. How long does it take to have a new high/low signal when it happens ? How many bars / candles ?

  4. EZB-Schmarotzer • 03/07/2019 #

    Good system, but no dots on FX-Pairs like GBP/USD. Could you explain why and fix it maybe?

  5. swapping • 03/07/2019 #

    Hello Schmarotzer, for the forex it is necessary to put offset to “0” !
    I forgot to specify it …

  6. Leo • 03/07/2019 #

    Nice… the fact that there are a Maximum or Minimum with a Long term Bias can be a powerfull resource….
    I am glad that this indicator is usefull.

  7. swapping • 03/07/2019 #

    Thank you very much Leo, I will make other mix that can be interesting with different code of this community …
    Best regards 😉

    • nader003 • 03/07/2019 #

      Hi .. how can we get this indicator for MT4 platform

    • Nicolas • 03/07/2019 #

      You can ask for private custom coding to our programming services:

    • darbes • 03/07/2019 #

      Could you code in PRT from an MT4 code ?
      Best JC

  8. marinober • 03/07/2019 #

    ciao… fa repaint ?

  9. marinober • 03/07/2019 #

    Troppo bello per essere vero. il segnale lo da in ritardo ….. direi INUTILE e magari sarebbe bene non pubblicare indicatori che fanno repaint sono cose di 100 anni fa

  10. swapping • 03/07/2019 #

    легко критиковать показатели, закодированные в мое свободное время и оставленные бесплатно, но ничего не принося сообществу

  11. marinober • 03/07/2019 #

    giusto, la critica è troppo severa. Mi dispiace che l’indicatore abbia delle lacune perchè sarebbe veramente utile e l’idea ottima. Io non so programmare , mi limito a testare . Se posso rendermi utile in questo sono a disposizione.

    • Alby118 • 126 days ago #

      Great work, much appreciated!
      You think this will work better with HULL indicator? So the SL prints instantly.

  12. RobertFX • 03/07/2019 #

    Works fine on FOREX

  13. Lafras • 03/07/2019 #

    very late to identify signal

  14. darbes • 03/07/2019 #

    How to convert this signal into a strategy pro ?
    Best JC

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