Volume-by-price levels V2 Extended

Volume-by-price levels V2 Extended

Hi Coders,

This is an improved version of 2 indicators made by Nicolas and unified and modified by myself.



I needed further options to develop a simple strategy: identify strength and weakness in the distribution of volume per price :

  • Max (strong level of volume per price => resistance or support depending on the position of the price)
  • MinSup (week segment of price above the Max)
  • MinInf (week segment of price under the Max=

The first idea behind is that if the price crosses over (respectively under) the strong volume level (“Max”), the price will tend to test a week point in the distribution of volume per price, respectively either superior (“MinSup”) or inferior (“MinInf”).

A second idea would be to use a section of StartHighest/EndLowest (respectively StartLowest/EndHighest) to set entry point if the price crosses over MinInf (respectively MinSup) and use Fibonacci to have a trailing stop.

I will open a new thread in ProOrder so that we can discuss this;

Please feel free to give to this code some enhancements or correct it if you see errors.

>>> Next steps :

  • to automatise the sequences with new LowestLows and HighestHigh that we do here manually: any idea guys?



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  1. JD9551 • 197 days ago #

    Why does it plot on the bottom and does not show any data?

    • Kris75 • 164 days ago #

      you should add the indicator on the price

  2. nn189hu • 113 days ago #

    Hi, can I add this indicator to the Chart with PRT 10.3 or just for ver. 11 beta ? Thanks

  3. nn189hu • 113 days ago #

    Upss I got it, 10.3 only with premium ,I can’t add it to the chart with Complete ver.

    • Nicolas • 113 days ago #

      Add indicator on price doesnt require any specific type of subcription. Click on the wrench at the left upper side of the price chart, to add an indicator on the price.

  4. tahiti • 74 days ago #

    bonjour j’ai une petite question comment peux on enlevé la bar blanche sur la bougie en cours

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