Renko Bricks with Volumes

Renko Bricks with Volumes

This version of the renko indicator for prorealtime, adds the Volume information to allow or not the construction of new brick.
I introduced several “experimental” parameters to adapt the indicator to the displayed instrument.

Renko bricks can be built using a fixed point size defined by the “boxsize” parameter, a new brick will be built only if the volume of exchanges has been at least greater than the “volumesize” parameter since the last brick .
These settings being very strict, I added an automatic feature for a more convenient adaptation to each instrument and timeframe. Thus, the parameters “autoRenko” and “autoVolume” allow a more ‘user friendly’ approach:
_ autoRenko means automatic renko brick size based on 2 time ATR periods.
_ autoVolume means automatic volume size to allow new brick or not (override the “volumesize” setting), based on average of Volumes.

It is possible or not to “paint” the background of the graph according to the trend identified by the reversal of the bricks (parameter ‘showBG’).

This indicator is experimental and I invite you to discuss it in case you have ideas for improvement or concrete use in this topic of the forum: New Renko System


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  1. DaxRider • 02/19/2018 #

    Hello Nicolas
    de plus en plus remarquable comme indicateur, merci de ton apport et partage

  2. swapping • 02/19/2018 #

    Nouvelle approche en mode “scalping pur”, merci Nicolas pour cet indicateur qui va surement faire des émules !!!

  3. Real Pro • 02/19/2018 #

    Hi Nicolas, Great work here thanks. How do I enable auto mode for the brick drawing please?

    • Nicolas • 02/19/2018 #

      autoRenko=1 //automatic renko brick size based on 2 time ATR periods
      autoVolume=1 //automatic volume size to allow new brick or not (override the “volumesize” setting) based on average of volume instead of fixed value

    • Real Pro • 02/19/2018 #

      Thank you. I tried the following but it does plot but not as I’d expect.

      //PRC_Renko Bricks Volumes | indicator
      //Nicolas @
      //Sharing ProRealTime knowledge

      transparency=50 //brick colours alpha
      wicksize=1 //width of wicks
      boxsize=0//(bricksize) //renko bricks size in points/pips
      volumesize=0//(volch) //volume size setting to allow new brick
      showBG=0 //background color (true/false)
      autoRenko=1 //automatic renko brick size based on 2 time ATR periods
      autoVolume=1 //automatic volume size to allow new brick or not (override the “volumesize” setting) based on average of volume instead of fixed value
      //—end of settings

      if autoRenko=1 then
      once size=boxsize*pointsize
      if autoVolume then

      once upbox = close
      once downbox = close – (boxsize*pointsize)
      once lowwick = close*100

      volumesum = volumesum+volume

      IF close > upbox + size and volumesum-lastvolume>=volumesize THEN
      lastvolume = volumesum
      upbox = upbox + size
      downbox = downbox + size

      ELSIF close =volumesize THEN
      lastvolume = volumesum
      upbox = upbox – size
      downbox = downbox – size


      //saving current high/low

      //compute wicks at each new contrarian brick
      if r>0 and r[1]=0 then
      //new red brick
      drawrectangle(wickbar,highwick,wickbar+wicksize,upbox[1]) coloured(r[1],g[1],0)
      if r=0 and r[1]>0 then
      //new green brick
      drawrectangle(wickbar,lowwick,wickbar+wicksize,downbox[1]) coloured(r[1],g[1],0)
      //compute wicks at each new same brick
      if r>0 and r[1]>0 and lastdrawnwickbar then
      //new red brick
      if highwick>upbox[1] then
      drawrectangle(wickbar,highwick,wickbar+wicksize,upbox[1]) coloured(r[1],g[1],0)

      if r=0 and r[1]=0 and lastdrawnwickbar then
      //new green brick
      if lowwick<downbox[1] then
      drawrectangle(wickbar,lowwick,wickbar+wicksize,downbox[1]) coloured(r[1],g[1],0)


      //draw renko candlesticks
      if showBG then


  4. Real Pro • 02/19/2018 #

    working now, sorry for the bother

  5. David29 • 02/19/2018 #


    Félicitations pour cet indicateur. Avez-vous une idée de comment créer une stratégie qui dirait que :
    Achat lorsque la brique se dessine vers le haut avec clôture de position lorsque la brique change d’orientation en direction du bas et inversement avec Short lorsque la brique se dessine vers le bas et TP lorsque la brique commence à s’inverser ?

    • Nicolas • 02/19/2018 #

      Je pense que ça a déjà été codé quelque part sur le forum. Dans la négative merci d’ouvrir un nouveau sujet spécifique.

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