ALMA VHF Filter (MA & Signal Band)

ALMA VHF Filter (MA & Signal Band)

2 indicators in this post, the ALMA moving average with its offset  automatically adjusted with a VHF (Vertical Horizontal Filter). The second one is a signals band made of 2 moving average calculated separately with Highs and Lows of the last X periods (Window setting).

I made it first as a rough idea and found it interesting for scalping trading as it reacts quickly enough to find good entries of potential new movement (and quickly revert on false signals), and automatically adapt the band due to volatility while in good trend, resulting of a “keep on trading” technique.

The VHFp controls the period of the VHF filter.

Hi/Lo bands made of this moving average:


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  1. soulintact • 252 days ago #

    A very good combination Nicolas, thanks!

  2. Stenozar • 251 days ago #

    Hi Nicolas, I see two itf files; we should put both on them on the graph? thank you!

    • Nicolas • 251 days ago #

      Only the second one if you want to have the same indicator as the one presented in the picture.

  3. Stenozar • 250 days ago #

    Thanks Nicolas!

  4. carlvan • 249 days ago #

    Dear Nicolas, as usual big thank you for sharing those gems!
    I imported your code of Alma HiLo bands into PRT and it charts perfectly.
    However, when I tried to build a system and backtest it, it charts the result automatically but the entry/exit signals are mished mashed, at the wrong place – very strange.
    My opinion is that it might be due to the “CALL” routines you used in the code.
    I tried to fix this but unlucky so far.
    Do you think this can be fixed?
    Here is your code, with the trade signals (long and exit only for simplicity):

    defparam cumulateorders=false

    //PRC_ALMA VHF Filter Hi/Lo band | indicator
    //Nicolas @
    //Sharing ProRealTime knowledge
    Window = 7
    Sigma = 3
    VHFp = 21
    // — end of settings

    HH = CALL “PRC_ALMA VHF filter”[window, sigma, VHFp](high)
    LL = CALL “PRC_ALMA VHF filter”[window, sigma, VHFp](low)

    if hh<hh[1] and lowLL[1] and high>hh then

    if trend=1 then

    if not longonmarket and close[1] crosses over iline[1] and Close>High[1] then
    buy at market
    if longonmarket and close < iline then
    sell at market

    • Nicolas • 249 days ago #

      You should not use offset in this case. Delete all the [1] references in your code. BTW, trend of the indicator doesn’t change when price go through the line, so in order to launch orders according to the indicator, you should use the “trend” variable and its change between 2 candlesticks.

  5. carlvan • 248 days ago #

    That works now, thank you !

  6. atxeel • 236 days ago #

    Hello Nicolas, the Indi is really great. Unfortunately, I get an error message that takes a long time to calculate, up to 2 seconds. Have it tried with defparam calculateonlastbars unfortunately without success, Maybe you have another solution. Thank you.

    • Nicolas • 236 days ago #

      Yes, that’s how it goes when using loops..

  7. JosephFelix • 233 days ago #

    Hi, Could I please have help with adding these indicators ‘on price’? Every indicator that I add plots as a sub-graph. What am I doing wrong here?

    • Nicolas • 232 days ago #

      Just add it on price by clicking the wrench on the left upper side of the price chart.

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