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    Indeed, I will make a simple review of all products proposed on the market before they are available for selling! As for automated trading strategies, the vendor must send proof of live trading.

    Like any other marketplace, the website will have verified customers reviews (not moderated by vendors themselves), and public comments for any questions, on each product page. The sellers will each have a ticket service support in their shops, their customers can contact them directly in any case.

    I try to make everything as transparent as possible and offer the best service to both vendors and their customers 🙂


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    God save the Nicolas!

    have a nice day!



    That’s really a great idea !

    it’s really a lot of work to code a strong strategy.


    Wonderfull! , where can I find this MarketPlace of ProRealCode?




    The marketplace is not yet available for public.

    But people who wants to open a store on the trading marketplace can contact me through the email address you will find in the first post of this topic.

    Development is still underway to add a new licensing system for the products sold in each of the stores in the marketplace. This will be integrated directly into the Prorealtime platform, which will allow better security for the protection of intellectual property for sellers and ease of installation and update of programs for users. It’s a big development and I prefer not to open the site to the public yet before the license system is completely finished, I don’t have an availability date yet to provide! 😉

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    I connect to Stephou’s post of 2019/10/20,  that talks about how to export strategies and screener without detecting the indicator code:
    To export a screener or a strategy that calls an indicator, it is necessary that during the export of the screeener file or strategie file, the called indicator must be encrypted.
    If you export a screener or strategy that calls an unencrypted indicator, it will be exported with the screener or strategy.
    I recommend everyone to have two platforms available, to test the exported code of the screener or strategy and verify that it has not included the indicator.

    I conclude by saying, that this procedure may seem a little complicated to some, to be clearer, in the next few days I will upload an infographic to explain the steps.

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    Don’t worry ALE, this kind of procedure will be fully automated in the marketplace. Once someone bought one of your product, he will get a license number to install the program on his platform. You will not have to export codes anymore.

    This completely new procedure, fully developed to facilitate installation and product updates, will be integrated both in the marketplace and in PRT. I can not yet reveal everything, but it will be really essential for who wants to market or make available his tools for a fee.

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    avatar ALE

    So it will be very easy to manage the files.

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    Indeed! and you will not have to “manage files” anymore 🙂



    I have an IG markets CFD account,

    I plan to put different robots well accomplished and operational … 1000 euros on each, despite the costs … am not rich is it possible?

    1) pathfinder (dax, HS, nasdaq, nikkei, STXE) + vectorial (DAX and DJ) is this a good idea ? 1000 uros on each I have no more …

    2) do you personally know even more efficient and more stable robots which will arrive and which are already on your upcoming paid list, if so which ones, on PROREALCODE MARKET PLACE ?




    Hi @thebigdeal

    1/ these trading robots are free and available on this website, you don’t have to pay anyone to use them on your live account, just use the codes on your own platform if you want to.

    2/ there are already some trading strategies that sellers have proposed, available in the marketplace. The site is not yet ready and you will be alerted when it is, don’t worry 🙂

    The development of licenses and automatic installation of products on your platform still requires a little time and I am working jointly with PRT to make everything perfect. We have concluded that we are shifting these developments to allow development teams to quickly offer you the functionality of indicators in MTF and variables in arrays first.

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    Now that variables arrays are possible, many new possibilities are offered to code developers.

    Use your coding knowledge to develop codes never made before on ProRealTime and propose them for a fee on the upcoming trading marketplace. Interested? Contact me at:


    Bonjour nicolas,

    Pour explorer les nouvelles possibilités de codage avec tableau etc… il faudrait PRT V11 pour commencer 😉

    A quel moment le market va t-il être ouvert ?




    Hello Nicolas,

    To explore the new possibilities of coding with table etc … we would need PRT V11 to start 😉

    When will the market be open?

    Thank you



    Florian – You are posting in an English speaking topic. Please respect the rules of the forums and only post in English.

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    @vonasi SORRY 😉

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