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    Yes sure, the code is not mandatory for the review process.


    Ok thx for the info. for indicators, you can share them without disclosing the code, but if I’m not mistaken it’s not the case for screeners or automated strategies. Have you a solution for that? I’m interested, but of course only if my proprietary code is not made public in any way…


    You can code an encrypted indicator and an non encrypted strategy that calls the indicator. You code the indicator so that it includes all your conditions, variable values and indicators that the strategy uses and encrypt it and then use CALL to get all the values or condition states to your strategy. The strategy is then just a skeleton strategy with some buy and sell orders in it.

    Hopefully when Nicolas has some time he will put together an instructional showing how to do this.


    Good idea Vonasi for automated strategies although I need to see if it can work in practice as the entry is only 30% of a good strategy. i would need to create indicators also for following orders, and not sure this would work as you need specific instructions that doesn’t work at indicators level. For screeners, no solution I think, while this can be cornerstone of succesfull strategies (screen the setup, then apply a robot on it)


    Hello Nicolas, when will it finally start?


    Great idea!


    It should start before the end of the year. If you want to be a seller or get more information about how it will work, you can contact me at

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    People are joining the market, if you want to be a part of it, drop me an email (address in my previous post!).


    In the market place, you’ll be able to sell that products type:

    • automated trading systems
    • indicators
    • market screeners
    • manual trading strategies
    • online courses
    • private training
    • ebooks related to trading

    Everyone can contact me to discuss about the possibilities to sell your own products in the marketplace:

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    People are opening their stores. If you want to join and be one of the first to be featured in the new website, drop me an email:


    Just a top of the head based on putting together my own strategies and hidden indicators, I think that if someone buys say a months subscription that the hidden indicator should not run for just the 1st Dec to 31st Dec for example but from say 1st Dec 2014 to the 31st Dec 2019 to all for the purchaser of the product to run their own back tests

    They may find new markets or time frames that they wish to run the system on


    I don’t think any seller would set a starting date, in addition to the expiration date. In case they do they should make it clear in their shop.


    So set the code as is the date equal to or less than 31st Dec 2019 using the example above?


    Yes, just hard code the date you want your indicator to expire.

    Assume your indicator returns a value in a variable named “MySignal” (set it to either 0 for no signals or 1 for a valid signal), you can invalidate it after expiration:

    should you want to invalidate also signals prior to a starting time:


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    Regarding license management, as you know, apart from securing by date or single import of ITF file, there are no other solutions at the moment and I know that it is a big concern for all developers.
    However, I am in negotiation with PRT to allow a better management of these, by means of serial number for example, attached to each product (indicators, strategies, ..).

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