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    Florian, development is still in progress, you are aware that the current context is complicated for work and causes certain slowdowns 🙁
    To work in version 11, just open a free account at, so you have all the cards in hand to develop great tools! 😉

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    Hello Nicolas

    What is the status, now we have opened May and still no market place. Let’s still experience that in 2020 😉


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    Despite the fact that development is progressing well, the past month has been very busy on prorealcode. We experienced a peak in attendance (and therefore topics to be covered on the forums) at least 4 times higher than the average!
    The marketplace was not intended for version 10.3 of the platform at the base, but the delay taken by IG to migrate to v11, forces us to adapt our developments to make them compatible with the current version. I ask you for a little more patience .. again.

    I take this message to send again to all the fact that you can send me your request to open a store, if however you think you can offer products that could arouse the interest of traders: automatic strategies, indicators, screeners , indicator groups, manual strategies, training … let me know! :

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    Greatly looking forward to this development

    For anyone wishing to try out systems that I am building as candidates for the marketplace once it is ready, they are available at

    All are currently running live in my portfolio

    They come with licences that will currently last until the end of July, uncomment line 14 to activate them

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    Hi Nicolas

    last night I saw a Twitter Ad for a prorealtime system linking to a website with a neat little calculator that would allow you to calculate how much you could win using their systems, how small the cost of the system was in comparison to the wins and looking like a sure thing

    We all know that if trading spots that sometimes back tests and live results can vary, PRT V11 data varies from and Interactive brokers.

    Running live systems also involves risk management and sizing controls to be successful, it is entirely possible to have profitable systems but blow your account up

    I know the market will have reviews for products purchased but what protections will be in place for people buying systems?

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    I’m not sure about what you have in mind about “protection”? 🙂

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    Greatly looking forward to this development

    For anyone wishing to try out systems that I am building as candidates for the marketplace once it is ready, they are available at

    All are currently running live in my portfolio

    They come with licences that will currently last until the end of July, uncomment line 14 to activate them

    Man, your signal indicators are open files, i think you should close them if your purpose was to sell and give a trial period 😉

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    Yeah I did on around 3 I think, thanks for letting me know I must have missed checking code not modifiable on the export

    They are probably out of date now, the V9s are coming I just need to get the tick by tick data issue I am seeing resolved so that I can publish accurate back test results

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    Perhaps it is just me, but to me a system in the marketplace would have an air of being more legit than on a random google search or twitter post, an implicit validation of the results by hosting it in the PRC market place

    Will there be any validations of back tests or live demo trading to show that the results displayed at point of sale stack up or will anyone purchasing a system that turns out to not work as described be looking to Stripe for a refund?

    Do people feel there is a need for a third party to validate the code? Or could the guidance be to test in your demo account before live trading a rental system?

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    I think you are absolutely right, for this each trading system that will be offered by a seller must have provided proof of live trading. This proof allows me to validate or not the posting of the product on the marketplace.
    Each seller may or may not offer free trial periods or monthly or even weekly subscriptions if desired. Each seller will offer their own terms and conditions since payment is made directly from the buyer to the seller, therefore if they wish to offer a principle of reimbursement based on this or that principle, they can.
    But all this you should know since you have your own store on the marketplace? 😉

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    hi Nicholas,

    If the seller provide 3 months of proof of live trading, but not exactly the same versions due to code improvement, parameters change, bug fixes, and etc. For this case, may I know how do you validate them ? or focus only live result produce by last version?



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    The marketplace will be a site for connecting product sellers and their customers. I act as a service provider for hosting and its many associated services, as previously explained (license tools, support tools, etc.).
    As host of the site, I have to check what can or cannot be put on sale, like what I already do with the “library”, certain products will not pass the test (and it has already happened and still recently to be honest). A seller must have a certain ethics and he will be himself (not me) directly in relation to his sellers, he will not be anonymous, he will receive payments directly and will issue his own invoices, all this implying a certain responsibility, I think that ‘It takes some seriousness to be able to do it.
    Comments on products will not be moderated by sellers, everything will be public, a good product with good service will necessarily receive good comments and vice versa.

    To answer your question directly, I cannot know precisely what the protected code of a seller contains, intellectual property remains theirs of course. But I spend a lot of time checking everything, it’s been 1 year that I work alone on the project, I really don’t want it to not work! Happy customers is all i want and it will be the best reward for all this time spent making this great project 🙂

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    A few thoughts how to ensure product quality.

    For example, looking to the MQL market place, it’s full of apparantly well working trade robots. The issue is NOT to find an EA which looks promising in backtest and then for a while on DEMO or LIVE accounts.

    The issue is to be sure there are no fake approaches in, which are revealed later outside backtesting only. Like for example if the seller uses data tables with pre-stored signal and trade data out of the past, to have a perfect curve fitting. After the table data are exhaused (means after the code is released), the code would need to fall back to the real algorithm. If that’s not good as the backtest promises, the buyer will see – but too late.

    The biggest goal of the new market place should be focus on ideas how faked contributions can be avoided. I’m no code expert but believe that as strategy code is intellectual property of the sellers, this may not be sharable to quality checks. So probably only indirect ways to ensure quality exist.

    Such an indirect way might be that sellers are obliged to offer next to purchasing as well renting of each strategy for say a minimum of 2-6 month to allow that buyers can convince themselves on ordinary behaviour, either on DEMO or on LIVE accounts. If PRT is or could be made smart to detect if a strategy is running at a DEMO account, than a strategy could be smart to run on DEMO only, and so sellers could have to offer DEMO test periods for free even as the buyer has no income from that usage.

    A seller performing an honest job shouldn’t have big objections against market practices to ensure product quality. If the PRT market would be more safe compared to other markets and platforms sold therein, this could be a HUGE marketing and advertising argument against such other markets.

    Makes sense?

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    Yes makes a lot of sense.

    Have you first hand experience of buying duds / Systems with fake approaches?

    Nothing like being bit to sharpen the wits!? 🙂  Once bitten twice shy!?

    The renting proposal may be a good workable idea … it shows commitment on the part of the buyer and the seller is being remunerated etc.

    Also means that lots  of Systems can be tested (as rentals) to find a System that suits one’s trading personality.

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    The fake approach you are talking about is not possible. No strategies can be available publicly if it is not traded in live environment. I ask proves of live trading statements to allow a product to be featured in the marketplace.

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