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    i’ve seen that some products on market.prorealcode have trial version… How to install trial version ?
    For example for this one below :


    If you are a vendor, go to your dashboard and click on “Trials” tab, and follow the process to create your product trial.

    However, there is a complete documentation for vendors available in the “Documentation” tab (in French & English). If you have any question regarding your vendor experience, feel free to send an email at market[at] 😉



    I might have missed something but could not locate the “Documentation” tab for “documentation for vendors”, could someone kindly send me the link to the file?

    Thank you



    The documentation tab is available for vendor only. It is available in your vendor dashboard (see attached).


    What do i have to do to become vendor ?
    do i need to start a business before ?
    (dans mon cas, je suis en France, faut-il un status particulier ? Les bénéfices seront-ils taxés dans la catégories des BIC ?)
    Is there any FAQ on how to become vendor ?


    In order to become a vendor, just register as “a vendor” and complete the verification process. For any problem please fill in the form available on this page:


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    I have a small question about all these programs on sale, once you have bought the program do you have access to the code or is it not possible to see the code?


    The source codes are visible for the strategies and screeners. If you want to make your strategy/screener (trading signals, conditions, ..) invisible, it is possible to create indicators and use CALL in your code to retrieve these signals. These CALL indicators will be automatically installed when your client imports the license. These indicators will remain invisible in the list of indicators of the platform, so your strategy will remain offended and protected. This solution is used by 95% of the sellers present on the marketplace.


    Anybody know of an Algo on MarketPlace that trades >= 5 times per day please?


    Reduced spec to above post …

    Anybody know of an Algo on MarketPlace that trades on average >= 1 time / once per day please?


    I don’t know of any, neither 1 time nor 5 times a day. I suspect most algos work with many filters and are therefore somewhat optimized. 😉 But I have to be honest, my algos are all going long. I haven’t yet found a lucrative short direction algo that works for a long time without large drawdowns and trades more than once a day.

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    Hello Grahal,

    may I inquire about the reason for this requirement? I’m curious to understand the type of strategy you are seeking. Could you please provide further details regarding the rationale behind this specific characteristic you’re looking for?

    I don’t make any considerations; I’m just interested in your specific motivation and reasoning.

    Thank you!


    What I’m thinking… is it better to trade 1x a day or 10x? The advantage of 1 time or less per day is that you can optimize the strategy better in the long run… 5 or more trades with small steps are actually only possible in the M1-TF and you therefore have less data available. Which explains my short problem in the M1.

Viewing 15 posts - 511 through 525 (of 552 total)

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