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    I think my overriding reason is that I see loads of good set-ups each and every trading day and so I loose interest in Algos that do not trade often.

    Also if an Algo trades > 5 times per day then not much of my life passes during an ‘Algo evaluation period’.

    I frequently ditch Algos after 1 to 2 weeks (25 to 50 trades) if the equity curve is not looking good!


    @Grahal I know. 😉 I would like to make 200000 candles look good on a system. 😉

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    Thank you, guys.

    In our view, a validation period of 1-2 weeks for a system is too short, even for systems operating in lower time frames. We abandoned multiple attempts of systems that operate on time frames of seconds or even until 3 minutes, especially when they trade multiple times per day (or they start to fail never returning, or they have huge non-acceptable drawdowns). This could be attributed to overfitting, even when using 1M candle periods.

    Please note that this is based on our own experience, and we may not have found the optimal approach to working with lower time frames. I wish you the best of luck in your search!

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    Is there no way yet to delete / remove a MP product from our platforms when a license expires?

    If No to above, then have Buyers got lots of products listed?

    I’ve only got 1 – see attached and I know it sounds daft – but I don’t want loads cluttering up my List so I have not tested an MP product since Oct 22 (seems longer, maybe it was Nov 21?)!

    I have a Subscriptions tab on MP, but no way to delete / remove attached using the MP site even. 🙂

    No way to delete expired / unwanted products from our platforms can’t be a good thing for you MP Vendors?

    Does V12 have the same annoying limitation?

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    Does V12 have the same annoying limitation?

    Undoubtedly – but I don’t know because I create my own sh*t. Haha.

    Even expired Demo products stay in there. However … I am lucky because something happened to my platform and it received some kind of restore. Now all that greatness has gone. Don’t tell anyone !


    Hay alguna estrategia para sp500?

    Is there any strategy for sp500?



    Only post in the language of the forum that you are posting in. For example English only in the English speaking forums and French only in the French speaking forums. Thanks 🙂



    Is there any strategy for sp500?

    Here you are … I did a search for you on MP

    There are also plenty for free in the Library on here, here is one for example, there are 3 others also



    I´m about to launch my first strategy product after a successful testperiod. I uce “call” for my indicators and the variables for the indicators are in the strategy (as in the picture below).

    First question. If someone rents my strategy for dax 1h. Can they only run it on dax 1h or can they copy the code with the hidden call indicators and create a new code for example nasdaq by just changing the variables?

    I saw this message (pic below) when I was exporting the master itf. If the trading system code aren´t modifiable – how are the customer supposed to change the positionsize for example?


    Hi @T-rader and congratulations for your recent performances! 

    1/ The user can modify the instrument on which the strategy is launched. If you only want to authorize it on a particular instrument, you can do a test on the price, for example? Same for timeframe by using GetTimeframe in your indicator.

    2/ To modify the code of a strategy, for example to change a contract size parameter, the user automatically creates a copy (see attached image). These copies are linked to the original code and displayed as a “treeview” (I have highlighted them in yellow in the picture). These copies are however unlinked from the original code, so that the original code is always available in the event of errors. Note that these copies will always keep the same version number as the original code from which they are derived, so they won’t be overwritten by a later update of the original code (which will see its version number modified with its new date). I hope I’ve made myself clear 🙂

    Of course, no user can copy/paste the code and reproduce it on another trading account, if your code uses a CALL, which of course I advise you to do. And exporting is forbidden by the system.


    Thanks Nicolas, I very happy that I finally got a few strategys that works! Hard work pays off. And the forum have helped tremendously ofc.


    Thanks for the explanation.

    This strategy that I´m about to launch works on most indices with a bit of adjustment to the variables, sl,tp and so on. Right now I´m most pleased with the results on three indices and those are probably the ones I will sell first but I want people to buy all three and not only one, copy it, optimizing it and make their own strategys for other indices and timeframes using my code.

    Is this something that can happen or am I worrying for nothing?





    If you plan to create different strategies derived from the same code, just localize specific instrument settings in your indicator that it is called, it will be invisible code and therefore no optimizations would be possible.


    Ok thanks. I will make seperate indicators for every instrument/timeframe then with hardcoded values.



    Is it posible to add opened positions related code in the hidden indicators such as:


    or these kind of code should go in the master file?




    No, it works as usual, all trading related instructions remain in the strategy code.

    For example, if your buy condition is :

    signal = rsi[14] crosses over 50

    simply return the value in the RETURN indicator:

    RETURN signal

    Then in your strategy, make a CALL:

    signal = CALL “my indicator”

    and create the condition to buy according to the return of the CALL:

    if signal=1 and not longonmarket then

    buy at market


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