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    A license is usable on any account type, demo or real and also compatible with backtests. Trials licenses only differ about limited time of use.

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    Thank you Nicolas. But (to me) this still does not tell whether *I* (as the seller) are able to differentiate. Possibly I should read in between your lines. 🙂
    Thus, I provide a trial. But maybe I don’t want to make people money over my free trial. But they could BackTest or use it in Paper … … Also knowing that Forward testing in Paper would come down to sufficiently “real”.


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    If you dont want people to make money, then don’t propose trial 🙂

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    Not funny.
    If I’d offer a FREE trial and people would lose real money over that, what is my responsibility ?
    This is not playing games, you know. I am trying to be serious.

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    Maybe this is too difficult to make clear;
    If I would for my own fun offer a FREE Trial and people are able to use that in Live, there would be no case whatsoever for the buyer to fight me in a lawsuit if that is deemed necessary. If the buyer had to pay for it, they still may not win the case, but at least they’d have a case to start. If they can not use it for real money they can’t lose real money just the same, obviously. No case necessary.


    And otherwise, never mind.

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    Isn’t buying and running Algos always a case of caveat emptor / buyer be vigilant / buyer beware?

    Unless that is, the Seller explicitly guarantees that the buyer will make £???? over, for example, 12 month continuous running?

    Sellers do not guarantee anything so why would / could a buyer take a seller to court?

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    You did not understand well what I was trying to say. There is no way to limit a license to be installed on a demo account rather than on a live account. So, if you dont want someone to benefit, for free, of your hard work, then dont propose trial.

    Many asked for this feature back in the beginning of the marketplace and I added this possibility, vendors are free to use it or not 🙂

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    For some reason the function to create .MasterITF files does not appear Please help!

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    Read the documentation! 😉

    You have to register your platform as a vendor platform to be able to export masteritf file.

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    Ok Nico, i see.


    Vendor ID.

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    How long does it take for the prt team to validate a bot for sale or rental?

    How is your validation approved?

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    It usually takes less than 48 hours, but why are you asking here?

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    This is the thread of the Market Place Nico, that’s why I ask in it.

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    At Skynet we believe that it would be very important for users and their security, not only to know the date of the last update of each bot, but also to know how many times each bot has been updated since it was uploaded to the MarketPlace and the bot is online.



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    How do we delete / remove Market Place Algos from the Trading Systems and Indicators Window?

    Delete is greyed out … see attached.

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