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    I had already asked you for more precise specifications, especially since we have waited so long for them.


    I understand perfectly what you mean. However, it is important to understand that I (the Marketplace) cannot modify or intervene in the writing of third party content, it is legally impossible. The documentation is made to indicate to each seller that it is better to add as much content as possible to anticipate the probable requests of the customers, some take the time to do it, others less. Writing a product page is difficult and time consuming, especially if you are not necessarily familiar with writing content on the internet…

    Concerning the requests for demo versions, this is an important subject and could undoubtedly meet both the desires of sellers to offer to verify their services and to allow potential customers to get a real idea of the interest of such product beyond simple images.
    I’m currently working on this feature, due to the success of the site and the hard to find time for developments, it’s not easy to implement at the moment, but I hope to be able to do it before the end of the summer.

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    Now that all the people that was selling products on their own websites has already put their robots in the Marketplace, I am looking forward for other robots sold by people that have shown their huge knowlegde on programming robots in this forum, helping people to improve robots, etc., as for me these will probably be the best ones and the only ones I can rely on in order to buy a robot. I think most people here are waiting for this moment and, as Nicolas said, reviews should come to show us the truth.

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    Hi Guys,

    I’m agree with you Nicolas, but I’m sorry when I see all results/backtest/rarely real results on Algos, as others here I don’t understand how most algos can be on the Market place ?

    For example Algodax H1 (I have nothing against this guys neither others), their “leader”, with a backtest on 30 real trades (399 euros)…, Clark Kent on Nasdaq on 51 real trades (130 euros/month) … I see ALL results of all algos and except rare algos it’s always the same thing

    To remember, I demonstrate on different post that Walk Forward as sadly no utility to say on algo is good, or not, but I don’t want to re-demonstrate that here

    Here we can read “between the lines” on results, but how many “newbies” can be fooled ? Yes they can ask on sellers, but I think you should select algos on the market place before most people think it’s only scam

    Just my opinion …



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    Any product can be listed on the marketplace if they pass the technical review, you can add yours too Zilliq, I know you are selling products on your own website 😉

    As I stated in my last post, the trading systems must be run in real live trading before being listed, and proven by the author that this is indeed the case. I don’t think any vendor will list a product that doesn’t produce any good result. Of course, get profit from a strategy can take more than 1 week or 1 month, we all know that.

    Just a reminder of what I talked previously:

    • ask vendors for details if you are not confident or for any question!
    • trials features will come soon, in order for people to get on hands on products for a limited time
    • bad products get bad reviews
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    Now that all the people that was selling products on their own websites has already put their robots in the Marketplace, I am looking forward for other robots sold by people that have shown their huge knowlegde on programming robots in this forum, helping people to improve robots, etc., as for me these will probably be the best ones and the only ones I can rely on in order to buy a robot.

    I so much contend with this. It is only that I did not dare to speak about it without a real reason. But now I do …

    Apparently the Market Place got attracted to them commercial guys (think for yourselves how that could have happened). More apparent, however, is the sheer fact that no users among us wanted – or dared to make that step. Additionally I also see no encouragement for that. This puzzles me.

    Apart from the above, we might rightfully think why it is so that “we” don’t step into this. And how is it that @zilliq is a. mentioned often (Nicolas just did again), b. zilliq is the one stating that we would be fools if we’d dive into these products while c. zillig apparently sells these products on his own website ? (I did not verify this !)

    Could it be so that “we” don’t want to cheat on fellow forumers ? That it would impose responsibility we don’t like to have ?
    Is it then indeed so that those with fine algo’s rather keep these to themselves and that it is as zilliq proposes ? (“you would be a fool if …”)
    So them commercial products rip you off indeed ?

    Sorry for the bit of rant.

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    No, I don’t sell Algos on my website as I alway think it’s fair, but it’s another discussion

    Just a few stats tips to decrypt algos backtest/real

    I use some data on differents algo on the market place (But you can do the same with your algo)

    And as you can see there is a strong correlation (Pearson 0.9) between % of winning trade and the ration between win average and loss average 😉

    So if you want to have or sell an algo with High % winning trade, it’s very easy, you just need to lower the ratio !. But, be careful, the more low is this ratio, the less correlation you will have between IS/OOS results !

    Ths correlation is much lower (0.57) between profit ratio and ratio average win/loss. But some Algos (I prefer not to says wich ones) have very curious results (Martingale ?)

    Have a nice day Guys

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    Selling a product is not easy, it requires a lot of time and effort, and above all it requires taking on a lot of responsibility.
    I think that this is what can scare and discourage some people. Managing possible customer problems, accounting, product updates, technical issues, etc. is a real job! 🙂
    There are several sellers who have been around for years, and who didn’t disappear overnight, who are well established, and who have recently joined the marketplace, I don’t think it would have been possible (to exist as long as it has), if bad reviews had been poured out all this time.

    Basically the Marketplace is meant to give experienced people the opportunity to offer their services/products, if you are one of them, then the site offers everything you need to practice as a seller, simplifying the task and the time you have to spend on setting up web pages, managing licenses, supports, etc.. That’s the goal: to make good products available to everyone so that everyone can benefit from them.

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    Another Stats tips Guys (There are so many …)

    I haven’t understanded why some of the Algos of the Market Place have so good Profit factor (>2.5 when all others are 1-1.5) with very good %Winning trades

    I would say “Yippee Ki Yay” my friends 🙂 !

    BUT ( there is always BUT), when you decrypt Stats, see the number of trades per day 😉 You will see all of them have a very small number of trade / day during the backtest (IS), generally <1.

    What does it mean ? Simply an overfitting of the backtest with a small number of trades during all the IS period …

    You can overfit a little bit more by diminish the Average Win/Ratio 😉 or by deleting the Stop loss

    “The devil is in the details”


    Ps: You can find an example I create, that we could call “The Jackson MoonWalk” for example (Because we always need a cool name 🙂 )


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    Bonjour Nicolas,

    j’ai l’intention de proposer une stratégie sur marketplace

    comment peut-on protéger son code tout en laissant le client choisir la taille de sa position ou renseigner son capital afin que l’algorithme calcule la taille en fonction du capital alloué

    quel est le système permettant l’abonnement mensuel du client , une license mensuelle ? délivrée par qui ?

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    A question.
    If a bot is sold that starts operating at € 1 pip and operates with more € pip with a license for one year, if a new license is acquired, will it operate again with € 1 or continues operating with € pip where the previous license ended?

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    License has nothing to deal with what is coded in your strategy 🙂

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    Sounds like you are already well in the money!? 🙂

    I guess only the Seller knows for sure, but I would think … if a new license is bought before the old license expires and therefore the Algo continues running then the position size (at renewal) would rollover under the new license.

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    Hi Guys,

    This morning I received the weekly Email results of the Algos of ProRealAlgos

    -70.67 euros for all their Algos

    17 wins/4 losses

    80.95 % winning trades

    I think it’s a beautiful meaning of what I said previously

    As I said % Winning Trades is correlated to Ratio Average Win/Loss= Ratio between Stoploss and Take profit in some way (When there is no trailing stop)

    The equation is globally :

    Ratio Win/Loss=-0.0432+3.991 on my tests on all algos of the Market place

    So, for a 80.95 % winning trades it means the ratio is -0.0432*80.95+3.991=+/- 0.5

    So their Take profit is at 0.5*Stoploss = Permit to have High %Winning trades = High Profit Ratio on Backtest = Higher if you use big Stop loss

    But as I said, sadly, lower this ratio is, more decorrelated will be the results between OOS/IS

    It means too that you need to have 2 wins to compensate one loss

    As you see on their results 17 wins, well done, but with only 4 losses the results of the week is negative

    Just for your informations (I have nothing against these guys) and why it’s so interesting to read between the line 😉

    Have a good Sunday



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    You are right Risk Reward Ratio is important, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be below 1 in any strategy, otherwise a scalper would never be in profit or an asset manager could never deliver a high watermark on profit on a monthly basis. There are many possibilities to stay in the green zone when trading, use the one that sweet your risk acceptance and your profit target, that’s all.

    This is the conclusion of so many years of programming for so many clients, I know maths is cool, but what makes people happy is making a little or a lot of money, so.

    Despite this, and this is what I advise to all the people who ask me about how to make a strategy easier to win: have a target that is bigger than your stop. But that doesn’t tell the whole story, unfortunately, and that’s what the good performances of the algos you mentioned and others remind us. The truth about what makes it work or not, nobody knows, since it is the market that decides 🙂 Good Sunday.

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