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    OK now I understand that the variables should be adapted only for the period. The results will be interesting, but we will have to be prudent because of the less number of positions in this case: if the backtest begins 10 years before, it means in fact only 10 month backtest; and if it begins in 1979, the old datas might be not relevant because of the prices of instruments that were sometimes extremely different than today. So the variables adapted for the whole year might be more secure… in fact everyone will have to choose.


    Can somebody check this for me? FTSE (Jan2)


    Im unsure how to create an ITF file so here is the code…



    But for example, sugar has 6 zero’s from feb – april. So I don’t have to make an itf file for that period?

    Are the variables for each month not quite similar as there are 3 months in green in a row? For example US500. It has 6 green boxes from march – may and one in june.



    You have an export button in the indicator screen. Thats how you make an itf file.

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    I found out, when you did all the variables. Do it once again! You get better results if you do it twice.


    This is my result with ftse jan2


    Ah, so go through your variables and set them, then go through them all again with the new variables. i get it


    Attached US500 for Jan2.

    Winning trades: 84%

    Drawdown: 6,02%

    I hope someone can check the results before using it.




    Hereby the AEX for Feb2:

    Winning trades 77,78%

    Drawdown: 7,38%






    I still don’t get your results



    I’ve checked them. Looking good!


    Have you tried my itf file?  I made directly some changes from your file.

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    Ah, you’ve concentrated mainly on least drawdown each variable?



    By the way: in your itf file from the ftse there was no spread included of 2 points.


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    Yes, sometimes you have maybe 100-300 more profit with a much higher drawdown. So then I choose for the lowest drawdown and less profit.



    Sorry I forgot to add it. But with only 20 trades taken in more than 30 years it doesn’t matter that much haha

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    Hi Guys,

    I really like the team spirit here and see the passion you support each other.

    Next step is to check your results and make a rating (A-C) of the different setups. I’ll add the robots for the most promising setups for the next period to the first post of this topic so everyone can easyly see  the current status of our common project.

    Best, Reiner

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Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 2,005 total)

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