Kama & Sma Trading System DAX mtf

Kama & Sma Trading System DAX mtf

Coded for micro DAX €1 (simply multiply by 25 to run on standard DAX €25 or by 5 to run on mini DAX €5), 1-hour TF.

I used the Multiple Time Frame support to allow Breakeven/Trailing Stop to run on 1-minute bars (default TF).

Strategy from https://www.forexstrategiesresources.com/trend-following-forex-strategies/111-kama-strategy/.

Compared to the original version at the above link, I only optimized the SMA (called MVA in the above site) and set it to 22, instead of 7.

I also added SL & TP plus my own Breakeven/Trailing Stop code snippet.

Lines 10-11 allow to enable/disable Long/Short trading (both enabled by default).

Lines 21-25, along with lines 54-61 and lines 67 and 74, ban further trading before a whole 1-hour bar has elapsed, in case a trade exits within a few 1-minute bars. In such case the 1-hour signal is still set and valid, but it would most likely lead to a losing trade since the momentum is likely to have faded.

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  1. CN • 54 days ago #

    You mean coded for the 1-min TF?

  2. robertogozzi • 54 days ago #

    It’s a Multiple Time Frame strategy.
    It must be launched from a 1-minute chart, but signals are generated on the 1-hour TF.

  3. CN • 54 days ago #

    Sure Roberto, but didn’t get any trades on the 1H TF, so trading TF should be 1-min 🙂

  4. robertogozzi • 54 days ago #

    You need to search MTF to read what it is all about and understand how it works.
    You will only see trades on your 1-minute chart.

  5. Jesper • 53 days ago #

    What should be multiplied in order to compensate för other contracts size?

  6. robertogozzi • 53 days ago #

    Line 9, nLots is the number of contracts, you can change it as best suits you.

    • Jesper • 52 days ago #

      Ah, that’s what I thought as there were no ties in to the actual logics. Thanks!

  7. Edurecio • 53 days ago #

    I do not understand.
    Even if you change “time forbidden,” the system still produces the same results, with entries within that range.

    TimeForbidden = OpenTime 190000

  8. Jungblom • 53 days ago #

    I have ran this now for today and now @15:00 i got a “Alert triggerd for a sell Qty-1” and @ 15:05 I got a new alert on Buy (exit) qty +1 but no trades where triggerd why is that? Running with max position size of 2 contracts. when i backtest it a trade should have been done at these timestamps.

  9. robertogozzi • 52 days ago #

    If you want to discuss about inner workings or detail, please open a new topic on the ProOrder Support Forum and always attach detailed pics (instrument,TF,date and time should be visible), along with details posted.
    Thank you.

  10. winnie37 • 50 days ago #

    it could be tested on larger historic?

  11. robertogozzi • 50 days ago #

    If someone has access to 200K data history might post results (it would be better to start a topic on the ProOrder support forum). Upcoming v11 will support up to 1M bars of data history.

    • Gregg • 32 days ago #

      Hi Roberto, thanks for this new strategy but I don’t understand why I can’t backtest it with 200K units… it stops after 6 trades.

    • robertogozzi • 32 days ago #

      There must be an issue with candlestick data from March 7th through March 12th. which causes backtest to stop at 15:04 om March 7th.
      If you make your backtest start from 00:00 March 13th, then it works fine.
      I will report this to PRT/IG.

  12. Ruark Baker • 44 days ago #

    Hi, I found the same problem with the time forbidden code but I have messed about with it using some code that I use for day trading and money management along with altering the stop size based on the trades taken in the last 100k bars.

    • robertogozzi • 32 days ago #

      There must be an issue with candlestick data from March 7th through March 12th. which causes backtest to stop at 15:04 om March 7th.
      If you make your backtest start from 00:00 March 13th, then it works fine.
      I will report this to PRT/IG.

  13. Ruark Baker • 44 days ago #


  14. Jan Wind • 44 days ago #

    Sorry if I missed the latest discussions recently, but is MTF now usable and reliable in PRT production environment ?

  15. robertogozzi • 44 days ago #

    MTF was officially made available to all customers 2-3 months ago after almost a year being beta tested.

  16. Zebra • 19 days ago #

    OpenTime < 090000 AND OpenTime > 190000 should probably be OpenTime < 090000 OR OpenTime > 190000

  17. alfcont • 9 days ago #

    Is this trading system generating profit on micro DAX future?

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