SuperBandPass Filter strategy – DAX H4

SuperBandPass Filter strategy – DAX H4

Algorithm built by @ebous64 around the base indicator established by PRC SuperBandPass

In Incubation since December 2021. Not tested in real life.

Long on filter crossing above its -RMS line

Short on filter crossing below its RMS line

Long position output when filter passes below RMS, or below -RMS, false input signal

Short position output when filter passes above -RMS or above RMS (meaning false input signal)

Less logical additions possible: Short only (or complementary) at -RMS (long) and RMS (short) line crossings

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  1. snucke • 200 days ago #

    could you explain this “sqrt(summation[50](PB*PB)/50)> nby”?
    what does it mean and what does it do?

  2. ebous64 • 190 days ago #

    RMS = Root Mean Square
    Standard deviation calculated over a sufficiently long period (significant) to make it a mean reversion signal and from there to trade orders.

    PB = Pass Band
    Equation for the passband (PB) variable in closed form by taking the difference of the two EMA Z-transform responses.
    Ability to write each EMA and take their difference :
    EMA = a*Price+(1-a)* EMA with a as a fraction (of the price)

    Two Responses = Two exponential moving averages used as a Low Pass filter with two different frequencies ( 1:Period)

    Other points:
    The subtraction cancels without offset the low frequency signals common to the two initial filters.

    To go further, author’s article:

  3. snucke • 166 days ago #

    i dont think you understod the question.
    i did not ask about the band pass indicator.
    i asked what this “sqrt(summation[50](PB*PB)/50)> nby” condition is for?
    could you explain what that condition is meant to do?

    • ebous64 • 144 days ago #

      Je cherche à traiter des effets de bords avec un encadrement ajustable des variables. Vous augmenter les gains en supprimant les inégalités avec “nbx et nby”. Vous dégradez d’autres ratios. A traiter au cas par cas suivant les marchés et ses préférences, objectifs, c’est mon idée…

  4. thomas2004ch • 163 days ago #


    Is this startegy suitable for daily SPY?


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