candle MTF on price

candle MTF on price

Indicator plots candlesticks of the desired timeframe (Monthly, Weekly, Daily) on the price chart.

Please download the attached itf file to get all the functionalities.

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  1. Fr7 • 04/06/2021 #

    hi, great job !!
    Can you do it with heiken ashi candles? Thanks

    • Mprorealcode • 04/06/2021 #

      Une nouvelle version a été postée. Et devrait arriver bientôt. Elle propose les 2 types de chandelier. Traditionnel et Heiken ashi.

  2. imexco • 04/06/2021 #

    Sorry… I have downloaded and imported gph-candle-mwd.itf file but I don’t see any boxes… it doesn’t work… Please help

    • Mprorealcode • 04/06/2021 #

      Vous pouvez choisir L’unité de temps supérieur à votre graphique partir du menu de configuration de l’indicateur.

  3. Nightsky • 04/06/2021 #

    Your indicator is what I was looking for. Thank you!
    However, an error is displayed by the “style” function on line 30, etc., and this cannot be used.
    I tried to improve it, but I don’t know, so please help me.

    • Nicolas • 04/06/2021 #

      remove STYLE if you are using PRT version prior to V11

    • Paris • 149 days ago #

      On est bien d accord que l indicateur repeint ….

  4. JOKAMAURICE • 350 days ago #


    • Nicolas • 349 days ago #

      Display other timeframe candlesticks on the current chart! 🙂

  5. Paris • 149 days ago #

    On est bien d accord qu il Repeint ……

    • Nicolas • 147 days ago #

      naturellement si la bougie du timeframe supérieur n’est pas terminé

  6. ThePenntChemist • 100 days ago #

    Does this show 5min time frame?

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