Long only strategy with the TMA channel

Long only strategy with the TMA channel

as simple as it gets

I stole the indicator from here.
Then I rewrote the indicator into a strategy.

The action instruction is Long after the price crosses over (!) the lower band with the target the middle line of the channel.

thats all
until then

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  1. ALZ • 12/13/2019 #

    Hi JohnScher,

    Nice work
    Is system works well in production ?

    With these parameters, the resultat is even better
    HalfLength = 151
    AtrLength = 151
    AtrMultiplier = 2.5

    • Ciurno981 • 12/13/2019 #

      Does anyone have the data at 200,000 units, why would I like to see over 5 years?

  2. ALZ • 12/13/2019 #

    With same parameters, it works as well on DJI / H1

  3. juju333 • 12/13/2019 #

    Thanks JohnScher for sharing and ALZ for optimization. I’ll try it !

  4. juju333 • 12/13/2019 #

    Slightly better in 100K (DAX H4) with this :
    TradingTime = time = 090000 or time = 130000 or time = 160000
    set target %profit 2

  5. ALZ • 12/13/2019 #

    thanks juju
    of course time isn’t optimized for DJI
    See below new version with optimized parameters
    with profit 1.5 and time = 090000 or time = 120000 on DJI H1
    we have 50.42 for the profit factor with only 2 losses

    • juju333 • 12/13/2019 #

      Not sure to have the good parameters : on DJI H1 (100 K, which brings back to 30 july 2015) ? could you repost the all code ? thanks !

  6. juju333 • 12/13/2019 #

    Quite good results with ‘Soy Flour’ (SM) too : +63.99 % in H4 100 K (dont’ really know the spread) :
    // maincode : TMA Channel 4H co lowerband
    // coded by johnscher

    // works on dax 1 euro
    // timeframe 4H
    // timezone europetime, berlin

    defparam cumulateorders = false

    // parameters
    HalfLength = 151
    AtrLength = 151
    AtrMultiplier = 2.5

    avg = average [1](close)

    sum = (HalfLength+1)*avg
    sumw = (HalfLength+1)
    k = HalfLength

    for j = 1 to HalfLength do
    k = k-1
    sum = sum+(k*avg[j])
    sumw = sumw+k

    myrange = AverageTrueRange[AtrLength](close)*AtrMultiplier

    middleband = sum/sumw
    //higherband = buffer1+myrange
    lowerband = middleband-myrange

    TradingDay = opendayofweek = 1 or dayofweek = 2 or dayofweek = 3 or dayofweek = 4 or dayofweek = 5
    TradingTime = time = 090000 or time = 170000 or time = 230000

    IF TradingDay and TradingTime then
    if average [1] (close) crosses over lowerband then
    buy at market

    if average [1] (close) crosses over middleband then
    sell at market

    set stop %loss 3
    set target %profit 4 // as insurance

  7. JohnScher • 12/13/2019 #

    Thank you very much. I am glad that the code is so well accepted here.

    As for improvements through optimization, I would like to say that I have not optimized through. I was more interested in trading the track from crossover the lowerline to the finish midline.

    Furthermore I would like to add that the system has been running in demo since 28.12.2018 with tema 12 close as avg and sl tp 2.4%.
    Number of trades = 12
    Won = 10
    loss = 2
    gains = 554 Euro

    From 01.01.20 it goes live at ig.com/australia with the germany 30 cash (1£)

    have good times
    until then

  8. ALZ • 12/13/2019 #

    Nice JohnSchern, thx for your contribution
    i’m going too with my parameters

  9. winnie37 • 12/13/2019 #

    could you post for Dji please?

    • JohnScher • 12/13/2019 #

      I’m sorry, I specialized in the Dax. I’m sure the basic idea of the strategy also works in the Dow Jones. Maybe, you can try the optimization for Dow Jones.

  10. ALZ • 12/13/2019 #

    Regarding the DAX, it’s good too with 200k bars (with parameters of the basic idea)

    For DJI with 200k, i try to have good result but it seems to be impossible to apply this strategy on DJI… maybe other markets…

  11. Crystal Babe • 12/13/2019 #

    Hi John,
    this strategy is Great for DJI -justneededa bitof tweaking for the 1 hr chart. Thanks a million.
    though its coded to eit early at lowerchannel level , i have edited them to exit at higher levels with lovely results.
    John, if you dont mind can you explain which parameters i need to inverse to go short? ( planning for the near future:))

    • avatar
      Anonymous • 12/13/2019 #

      Hi Crystal Babe – would you be happy sharing your revised code as I too am testing this on the DJI? Many thanks

  12. sfl • 12/13/2019 #

    What is the meaning of the time filer ?
    Why 9:00 13:00 and 17:00 ?

    • JohnScher • 12/13/2019 #

      The 4H candles begin at 09.00 13.00 17.00

  13. Gigi • 12/13/2019 #

    Bonjour, pourrait on mettre cette stratégie en Daily?

  14. Marcelus • 12/13/2019 #


    Sur Dax , en 1h avec ces réglages depuis 2011 :
    – HalfLength = 170
    AtrLength = 40
    AtrMultiplier = 2.8

  15. Marcelus • 12/13/2019 #


    Sur Dax , en 4h avec ces réglages backtestés depuis 2011 (200000unités) :
    HalfLength = 170
    AtrLength = 40
    AtrMultiplier = 2.8
    sum = (HalfLength+1)*avg
    sumw = (HalfLength+16)
    set stop %loss 3
    set target %profit 3.6
    j’obtiens 83,78% de positions gagnantes, un profit factor de 2,73, et 84% de gain pour un capital de 10000€. si quelqu’un à mieux? Bien à vous.

  16. Bruno38340 • 12/13/2019 #

    Bonjour, merci pour le code… Comment peut-on changer/augmenter le nombre de lots achetés sur le Dax30 ?

    • Ciurno981 • 12/13/2019 #

      il suffit de changer le nombre de contrats à acheter

  17. Ludwig • 12/13/2019 #

    Merci pour le code, je souhaite intégrer un break even et mette en place un réinvestissement mais impossible avec ce code, quelqu’un aurait une solution?

  18. superfalcio • 48 days ago #

    hello, this strategy is pretty interesting, anyway on index after diferent suggestion and improvement is there a resumed final strategy?

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