TreL – Linear Regression Trend

TreL – Linear Regression Trend

This indicator based on linear regression trend.
Blue line is a positive trend or buy/bullish trend. Red line trend is a negative trend or sell/bearish trend.

Upper and lower channel lines (in grey color) can be used as trailing stop or possible rebound of the price (revert to the mean).

Very simple and effective way to use linear regression in a different approach.

Converted from pinescript version as requested in this topic:

(all credits go to original author).

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  1. Paolo.B • 04/18/2021 #

    Hi Nicolas thanks … I’m new to programming I would like to use it with blue +1 and red -1 graph to try to code it for a strategy.
    Thank you
    I deleted this part.
    band = average [length] (AverageTrueRange [1] (close)) * 2
    Unfortunately I am unable to attach an image

    • Nicolas • 04/18/2021 #

      change the last line with: return v coloured(r,g,b) style(line,2), v+band coloured(168,168,168), v-band coloured(168,168,168), r
      and test if “r” is superior to 0, if it is the case, then the line is red and therefore the trend bearish.

  2. Paolo.B • 04/18/2021 #

    Thanks … works as i wanted.

  3. Kanamax • 04/18/2021 #

    Bonjour Nicolas, comme Paolo.B je souhaiterais utiliser cette indicateur au sein d’un code. Après avoir copier/coller le code ci dessus j’ai rajouté ceci:

    // Conditions pour ouvrir une position acheteuse
    if not onmarket and b=255 then

    // Conditions pour fermer une position acheteuse
    if longonmarket and b=0 then

    Malheureusement les positions acheteuses sont beaucoup peu nombreuses et ne suivent pas du tout le fait d’acheter à chaque fois que la courbe est bleue.

    Un conseil pour finir le code correctement?
    Merci d’avance.

    Hi Paolo.B, I have some difficulties to do as you. It seems that works for you, could you share your code to compare coding?

    Thank you in advance.

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