Signal to noise ratio

Signal to noise ratio

This technical indicator is an attempt to find the good momentum of trend : is it actually trending or in a range market?

Interestingly, it follows that π is not only the ratio between the length of a circle to its diameter, it is also a constant rather appears in statistics and, oddly enough, in the relationship between the distance between a price oscillation and a straight line.

  • If the signal / noise ratio is less than or equal to 1/2 π, we will be in a trading range or range.
  • If the signal / noise ratio is greater than 1/2 π, we are in a trending market.

Code converted from the Metatrader4 version, by request on Spanish forums.

Description from website.



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  1. bolsatrilera • 12/21/2016 #

    Sin duda,esta es la conversión correcta.Le quedo eternamente agradecido Nicolas.

  2. bolsatrilera • 12/21/2016 #

    ¿Hay algún problema para hacerlo público también en un blog que tengo?Entiendo que es un código de libre acceso.Gracias por todo Nicolas.

    • Nicolas • 12/21/2016 #

      Mientras el código y los comentarios permanezcan intactos por supuesto. Un enlace a este post también será muy apreciado 🙂

  3. verdi55 • 12/21/2016 #

    Thanks a lot, this is something I had been looking for for quite a while. Are there any other indicators on this site that can be used to decide whether the market is in a sideward range or trending ? I know the ADX and the RAVI for example. Anything else ? 

    • Nicolas • 12/21/2016 #

      You can also use the choppiness index,  which is also an oscillator made to detect ranging market :

  4. sanjivmodi • 12/21/2016 #

    Respected sir, I would be grateful if you could send me signal to ratio indicator for Amibroker. Thanking you in advance. Regards Sanjiv modi

  5. robcole • 145 days ago #

    Hello Nicolas,

    I found this indicator by a google search. since I am mt4 user and you wrote that you have taken a mt4 version as a basis my question, is it possible to get this from you?

    Greetings robcole

    • Nicolas • 145 days ago #

      Hi Rob, sorry I do not offer MT4 support and I coded this one months ago, I think you’ll have to find it by yourself in the forums or elsewhere on the web 🙂

  6. robcole • 145 days ago #

    Thx for your reply, i understand, my hope was that you stillhave the mt4 version… however, can you point me into the right direction with the name of the mt4 version, i was searching with google without luck untill now :/ THX

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