Opening Range EUR with Close and Open. Timeframedetection for configuration with 1-5-10-15-30min charts.

Opening Range EUR with Close and Open. Timeframedetection for configuration with 1-5-10-15-30min ...

Original basis was Pre-Market EUR/USA (Opening Range) | Graph Indicator Ver. 1.0 from Swapping, here and here .

Added some changes and features.

– segment for opening price;

– segment for yesterday’s closing price;

– Automatic detection of the timeframe;

– Automatic configuration for 1-5-10-15-30min charts.

Attached a version for EUR and USA.



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  1. swapping • 06/18/2019 #

    Hello Thomas, good modification that improves the initial program 😉

    • Thomas • 06/18/2019 #

      Thanks swapping. That´s Teamwork 😉

  2. Jesper • 06/18/2019 #

    This looks very interesting. I’m getting an error though when trying to launch it – A positive integer field is expected with HIGHEST.

    I’m thinking it would be the variable Frame you define prior. Not sure why it does that.

    Any thoughts?

  3. Razz • 06/18/2019 #

    Hello Thomas the indicator is very good! Can you tell me how I can add 2 lines in the distance of the range to the high and low?
    Have the currently solved so is not very nice.


    return STL as “STL”,STS as “STS”


  4. eva.g.forsgren • 06/18/2019 #

    Går det att få en för dax också?

  5. ed65 • 06/18/2019 #

    hi great indicator how can i adjust time frame for opening rge ie to first 5 min , thanks in advance

    • Thomas • 06/18/2019 #

      The you must use the timeframe 1min and change the code from endtime = 090000 // 09h00 to endtime = 090500 // 09h05

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