FIBO Easy Return

This indicator draws the longterm and the shortterm Fibonaccci levels based on highest highs and lowest lows.

Parameters for longterm and shortterm can be changed.

Default longterm: 200/100

Default shortterm: 50/50

It’s no surprise to see the candles bounce off the levels

Add the Indicator to your price.

Sorry for my basic english 🙂

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  1. swapping • 11/06/2017 #

    Hello Van Salt
    Thank you for this indicator. Very interest for add into price and follow exactily the level of pullback…

    your english is not very strong but i understand easily 😉

  2. DaxRider • 11/06/2017 #

    nice job thanks

  3. Bianca • 11/06/2017 #

    super well done…and your english…much more better then mine..
    1) what about to add some fibonacci expansions on the daily candle?
    2) reccomended on? image isnot clear..

  4. Van Salt • 11/06/2017 #

    Hi Bianca, the indicator shows you some interesting cluster-zones from long- and shortterm fibo-levels. The is no special recommandation to a special share.
    The values are different. But exactly that shows the indicator.
    It still follows a Fibo Backtest and a Fibo Screener. So you can test different shares and the best fibo level to buy or sell.
    I will see, if i add the expansions to the indicator. Nice idea!

  5. Vinci1966 • 327 days ago #

    Questo indicatore è molto interessante. Mi sono permesso di apportare alcune modifiche nell’intento di miglioralo. L’intento è stato quello di avere il grafico pulito e i livelli di fibonacci per entrambe le direzioni.
    Riporto qui in codice dell’indicatore:

  6. Vinci1966 • 327 days ago #

    // VAN SALT´s <> Version 20171105
    // This Indicator draws the Shortterm and Longtern Fibonacci Levels based on two Highest High and Lowest Low
    // Default Parameter Shortterm HH 50 / LL 50
    // Default Parameter Longterm HH 200 / LL 100
    // The Parameters can be changed!

    // Modificato, Integrato e Testato Da Vincenzo Giordano
    // 26 ottobre 2020

    defparam drawonlastbaronly = true

    hhLT = highest[LongtermHH](high)
    llLT = lowest[LongtermLL](low)
    hh = highest[ShorttermHH](high)
    ll = lowest[ShorttermLL](low)

    LTfib236 = (hhLT-llLT)*0.236
    LTfib382 = (hhLT-llLT)*0.382
    LTfib500 = (hhLT-llLT)*0.5
    LTfib618 = (hhLT-llLT)*0.618
    LTfib786 = (hhLT-llLT)*0.786
    LTfib764 = (hhLT-llLT)*0.764
    LTfib214 = (hhLT-llLT)*0.214

    fib214 = (hh-ll)*0.214
    fib236 = (hh-ll)*0.236
    fib382 = (hh-ll)*0.382
    fib500 = (hh-ll)*0.5
    fib618 = (hh-ll)*0.618
    fib764 = (hh-ll)*0.764
    fib786 = (hh-ll)*0.786

    LTlevel236 = hhLT-LTfib236
    LTlevel382 = hhLT-LTfib382
    LTlevel500 = hhLT-LTfib500
    LTlevel618 = hhLT-LTfib618
    LTlevel786 = hhLT-LTfib786
    LTlevel764 = hhLT-LTfib764
    LTlevel214 = hhLT-LTfib214

    level214 = hh-fib214
    level236 = hh-fib236
    level382 = hh-fib382
    level500 = hh-fib500
    level618 = hh-fib618
    level786 = hh-fib786
    level764 = hh-fib764

    drawtext(” < 00,00",barindex,hhLT,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(0,0,204)

    drawtext(" < 23,60",barindex,LTlevel236,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(0,0,204)

    drawtext(" < 38,20",barindex,LTlevel382,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(0,0,204)
    drawtext(" < 50,00",barindex,LTlevel500,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(0,0,204)
    drawtext(" < 61,80",barindex,LTlevel618,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(0,0,204)

    drawtext(" < 78,60",barindex,LTlevel786,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(0,0,204)

    drawtext(" <100,00",barindex,llLT,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(0,0,204)

    drawtext(" <100,00",barindex,hhLT,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(255,0,0)

    drawtext(" < 78,60",barindex,LTlevel214,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(255,0,0)
    drawtext(" < 61,80",barindex,LTlevel382,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(255,0,0)
    drawtext(" < 50,00",barindex,LTlevel500,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(255,0,0)
    drawtext(" < 38,20",barindex,LTlevel618,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(255,0,0)
    drawtext(" < 23,60",barindex,LTlevel764,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(255,0,0)

    drawtext(" < 00,00",barindex,llLT,SansSerif,Bold,11) coloured(255,0,0)

    drawtext(" < 00,00",barindex-1,hh) coloured(0,0,255)
    drawtext(" < 23,60",barindex-1,level236) coloured(0,0,255)
    drawtext(" < 38,20",barindex-1,level382) coloured(0,0,255)
    drawtext(" < 50,00",barindex-1,level500) coloured(0,0,255)
    drawtext(" < 61,80",barindex-1,level618) coloured(0,0,255)
    drawtext(" < 78,60",barindex-1,level786) coloured(0,0,255)
    drawtext(" <100,00",barindex-1,ll) coloured(0,0,255)

    drawtext(" < 100,00",barindex-1,hh) coloured(255,0,0)
    drawtext(" < 78,60",barindex-1,level214) coloured(255,0,0)
    drawtext(" < 61,80",barindex-1,level382) coloured(255,0,0)
    drawtext(" < 50,20",barindex-1,level500) coloured(255,0,0)
    drawtext(" < 38,20",barindex-1,level618) coloured(255,0,0)
    drawtext(" < 23,60",barindex-1,level764) coloured(255,0,0)
    drawtext(" < 00,00",barindex-1,ll) coloured(255,0,0)

    RETURN hhLT coloured(255,0,0) STYLE(dottedline,1) as "LT HIGH", llLT coloured(0,250,0) STYLE(dottedline,1) as "LT LOW", hh STYLE(line,1), ll STYLE(line,1) as "SHT LOW"

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