Daily Fibonacci Percent

Daily Fibonacci Percent
A new way to understand markets with this program that can be used on any asset and on time units from “tick by tick” until 4 hours. This does not prevent it from being a very good “thermometer” for daily, weekly or monthly units by zooming out to the maximum (or with other opened price charts window) …
It allows to visualize the price evolution calculated from the real time levels and to draw segments by range of 20 in 20% while providing the remarkable numbers of the Fibonacci sequence, it also indicates the level of opening.
Four variables are available in settings, for:
  • Adjust transparency of information
  • Hide General Rectangle
  • Hide Percent
  • Hide the Fibonacci. All that can be mixed in his sauce …


Happy New Year holidays 2018 to all


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  1. Fr7 • 184 days ago #

    Is it possible to perform the indicator with fibonacci extension or expansion?

  2. swapping • 184 days ago #

    Yes, by exemple insert into line 51 and 52

  3. swapping • 184 days ago #

    fib1236 = (hiday-lowday)*1.236+lowday
    DrawSegment(startbar,fib1236,barindex,fib1236) coloured(234,234,234,alpha)
    DrawText(” ◄ 123.6%”,barindex,fib1236,Dialog,Bold,11) coloured(234,234,234,alpha)

    • swapping • 184 days ago #

      fib1236 = (hiday-lowday)*1.236+lowday
      DrawSegment(startbar,fib1236,barindex,fib1236) coloured(234,234,234,alpha)
      DrawText(” ◄ 123.6%”,barindex,fib1236,Dialog,Bold,11) coloured(234,234,234,alpha)

  4. swapping • 184 days ago #

    Oups ! Nicolas il y a un problème avec l’insertion de code en utilisant le bouton [Add PRT code] qui ne prends pas en compte les lignes de code !

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