Monthly Bull and Bear Runs

Monthly Bull and Bear Runs

This little indicator simply checks on the first day of a month whether the previous month closed higher or lower and counts the runs of up months and the runs of down months .

It then also calculates how many months in a row on average the market went up before it had a down month and the opposite average for down months.

It also records the longest ever run for up months and longest ever run for down months.

Knowing at a glance how many months up or down we have recently had compared to historical monthly bullish or bearish runs and comparing how far we are into a run compared to when a change of direction usually takes place can be useful information when taking an overview of current market conditions. This indicator allows us to see that information at a glance without needing to refer to a monthly chart.

I recommend applying it to the daily chart although it will work on faster time frames. On faster time frames the amount of history available may make the output a little meaningless though.

As always I advise downloading and importing the ITF file to get full functionality.

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  1. Maxime Baudin • 140 days ago #

    Very interesting for monthly stock market strategies, thank you Vonasi! 🙂

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