TAC Buy-Sell

TAC Buy-Sell

It is a professional tool to analyze the volumes of negotiation differentiating
purchases in the market and sales.

The formula is obtained by subtracting the ASK – BID = Delta Bar and dividing it into two components resulting in a histogram:

– Green bar: positive “aggressiveness of buyers”, BID.
– Red Bar: negative “aggressiveness of sellers”, ASK.

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  1. Pasquale Fracicone • 282 days ago #

    What is the value of the variable subasta?

    • TAC Bolsa • 282 days ago #


      It is a condition that is used to hide the auction in shares in 5 minutes or Tick as shown in the link.

      For futures or other instruments without auction you have to uncheck the auction option.


    • TAC Bolsa • 282 days ago #

      Another Link of how the volume looks with or without auction “subasta”

  2. dario ti • 276 days ago #

    please can you help me to understand? i know i am wrong:

    Long Histogram = High Volume
    Short HIstogram = Low Volume

    GreenZone = Buyer volume
    RedZone = Seller volume

    Up Histogram = Delta Positive (buyer stronger than seller)
    Down Histogram = Delta Negative (seller stronger than buyer)

    but it is wrong according to the picture, because i see a lot of red up histogram

    • TAC Bolsa • 275 days ago #


      I have already seen the problem and requested that it be removed until an adequate solution is found.

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