TurtleTrade DAX Daily timeframe

TurtleTrade DAX Daily timeframe
Here is a turtletrader code I have been playing around with. It not perfect as there are huge drawbacks, but it has even larger profits. It also need a decent amount of capital to begin with- a lot of patience and stomach ice.
There are many 0-bar trades but only on the stoploss. Profit bars is 5 so I think the trades are valid and not subjected to the zerobar trade issue so many have written about here.
It makes a trade on 2nd day breakout and adds a trade every day with a minimum SL- many get stopped out but some get going.
I also added some extra trades if there was a trend. I hope you like it. I didn't clean up the code, so you would see some of the alternative things I have been optimizing.
Comments and improvement are as always welcome.

//==================DAX Daily Timeframe==========================
// Definition of code parameters
DEFPARAM CumulateOrders = true // Cumulating positions deactivated
// calculate daily high/low
Capital = 20000
Risk = 0.005
StopLoss = 20// Could be our variable XREM Calculate contracts
equity = Capital + StrategyProfit
maxrisk = round(equity*Risk)
PositionSize = abs(round((maxrisk/StopLoss)/PointValue)*pipsize)

if PositionSize>=1000 then

if PositionSize<=3 then

//ONCE p=0

if not shortonmarket and high>c1 then
//if open>pris+x5 then
if open>tradeprice+x5 then
buy Positionsize CONTRACTS AT MARKET

if longonmarket then

if CountDays>=x2 then
sell at market

set stop loss SL//your SL code
//graph (positionsize/equity)*100 COLOURED(0,255,0) AS "RISK"//GREEN
//graph (positionsize*SL/equity)*100 COLOURED(0,255,255) AS "MAXRISK"//Aqua
//GRAPH tradeprice COLOURED(50,50,75) AS "monthlyHigh"
//GRAPH pris COLOURED(50,0,75) AS "pris"
Cheers Kasper
Risk disclosure:

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  1. Elsborgtrading • 135 days ago #

    Just a small correction. The profit is not taken after 5 bars/days, but 20.8. One way of optimizing further and (perhaps) avoid the huge drawdown is to close partial postions along the way. unfortunate it’s not possible in PRT v. 10.2. anyone know if it will be possible in ver 10.3?

  2. Frank • 135 days ago #

    Hi Elsborgtrading,

    It’s interesting and I will do some backtest when I have time. Have you tried the strategy on different timeframes, or just daily?

  3. Elsborgtrading • 134 days ago #

    Hi Frank. The initial strategy originated from a 4Week turtletrade breakout with a 1-2 weeks running before taking a profit. That is still profitable, but no way near the gain as for the daily TF. I think I tested it on a several day TF and also 4H timeframe, however there must have been something that showed up that let me not to pursue other timeframes- also the optimization takes a long time, however that not said that it could be profitable on other TF. Let me know what you find out 🙂

    note: Before anyone go and invest any real money in this, I think we need to let it run in papertrading demo first, also I don’t think this would be the first automated strategy I would recommend, as it would take a decent amount of capital to begin with. At least 20000 Euros.


  4. Elsborgtrading • 128 days ago #

    Further documentation would involve a Monte Carlo simulation so we could see if we were on the right track. I can find 2 MC sim. tool in this site. I have used them both, they seem to complement each other and produce the same results. First one is based on MS Excel, the other is from tickerquest and completely free. They can both be found here http://www.prorealcode.com/topic/monte-carlo-analysis/#post-12935 Basically what it shows is based on the 1000-3000 runs with all 25 years of exported trades, (aprox. 10200 trades) there should be 0% of a blown account or margin call with 2000 $ to begin the automated system. All simulated and exported trades are done with 1 position and no position sizing as the initial strategy shows. I cannot upload macro enabled or any other “suspicious” files here, so the Excel and sim files must be left out, however I will show the screenshot of the relevant data.

    Cheers Kasper

  5. Elsborgtrading • 42 days ago #

    Hello fellow traders. Just to give a status on Demotrade walk forward from 12-09-2016 – 06-12-2016. (Unfortunately ProOrder stopped a while ago and I lost data so I only 3 month of walk forward demo trades)


    Gain:765 Euro

    Running P/L +1120 Euro

    • Nicolas • 41 days ago #

      I think you are talking about “forward test” (real live trading of your backtested strategy) and not “walk forward” which is an optimisation concept 🙂 Nevermind.

  6. Elsborgtrading • 42 days ago #

    Running P/L screen dump

  7. Elsborgtrading • 33 days ago #

    Hi Nicolas, and thanks for updating the file.

    When I backtest the code now I get a completely different equity curve- nothing change with the code. Was there any change to PRT?

    Also on the live demo, it closes trades partially- thought it could not be done in Proorder?

  8. Elsborgtrading • 33 days ago #

    Hi Nicolas. I made a mistake. a FTSE chart had sneaked under the DAX and when backtesting I accidently picked the wrong one. That why I got the wrong results. But Still I can see partically closing of positions. I am just in doubt- when trades are accumulated and “set stop Loss x” is reached- it looks like it’s different for each accumulated order entry?

    • Nicolas • 32 days ago #

      “set stop loss” are individual for each order with IG.

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