Market Mode

Market Mode

The Market Mode indicator seeks to identify trends and rebounds by identifying “phases” according to the principles of John Ehlers.

  • When the oscillator passes above the top line, the market is in an uptrend.
  • When the oscillator goes below the bottom line, the market is in a downtrend.
  • Between these two levels, the market is calmer and could rebound in the direction of the initial trend and / or phase of trend change.


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  1. Genotik • 45 days ago #

    Très intéressant, merci beaucoup !

  2. ALE • 44 days ago #

    Thanks Nicolas!

  3. primo1 • 43 days ago #

    merci beaucoup!!!!

  4. Yannick • 43 days ago #

    merci, interessant, une idée comment élaborer une stratégie d’après cet indicateur?

  5. Marcel • 40 days ago #

    Would be nice if the idicator can be adjusted for the 4 phases of Stan Weinstein.

    • Nicolas • 40 days ago #

      Sure, but it has absolutely nothing to deal with…

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