Oil 10min “hammernegated” pattern strategy

Oil 10min “hammernegated” pattern strategy

Dear all,

I found this nice strategy by playing with candlestickpatterns with 2 candles.

Basically I considered the “hammer negated” pattern, where you have first an hammer candle (body on the upper or lower 25% of the candle) and then a candle which negate the hammer so in case we have a bullish hammer, then we have a candle whose body is within yesterday candle shadow. I hope it is clear as I have no idea how to draw candles on the laptop.

I added then a few moving average that identifies momentum, and opted for trailing stops.

The only thing I have optimized here are trailing stops level. All the moving average period, the parameter that defines the candlestick pattern are not optimized, no target profit either. Thats why WF results are pretty impressive.

Only downside as usual is that I dont have more than 100K history.




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  1. miguel33 • 192 days ago #

    tnks  George.

  2. Francesco78 • 192 days ago #

    I have opened a forum thread as suggested by Grahal in order to make discussion more confortable.

  3. Kv6 • 183 days ago #

    Hola Francesco,

    Muy buenos resultados. No obstante, cuando pongo el código a funcionar, al cabo de un tiempo me aparece el siguiente mensaje: “El sistema de trading se interrumpió, porque ocurrió una división por cero durante la evaluación de la última vela. Le sugerimos que intente añadir protecciones a su código para evitar divisiones por cero, luego backtestear el sistema modificado para comprobar la corrección”.

  4. maxgomma • 171 days ago #

    Good morning at all … first of all congratulations to Francesco for the strategy and everyone for the work you do, I wanted to ask if you have solved the division problem by zero since the system still hangs … some of you know me What do you have to do? Thank you all…

    • Francesco78 • 171 days ago #

      hi Maxgomma and thank youm pls have a look to the forum https://www.prorealcode.com/topic/oil-10min-hammernegated-pattern-strategy/page/3/ the problem of division by zero is tackled and solved there.

  5. Leonida1984 • 134 days ago #

    Can I know how many trades this strategy make?

  6. Leonida1984 • 134 days ago #

    I am sorry but I don’t speak English very well.

  7. rejo007 • 134 days ago #

    i see you create a lot of strategy, thanks for your share.
    you test it all in live?
    for you what is the best?
    thanks a lot

  8. Francesco78 • 133 days ago #

    Hi rejo007, thank you, yes I have all of them live and manymore that I dont share. one of my favourite is the ncandle and reversion for usdjpy. Regards

    • rejo007 • 133 days ago #

      Thanks a lot, I’ll take a look a this.
      Do you have strategy that you can share in private?
      If yes, we could discuss at this adress

      Thanks for your reply 🙂

  9. Wilko • 106 days ago #

    This was a rather interesting idea that appears to work on a short timeframe. And also interesting to know that you are running these strategies live. Will definitely take a look at this. Thanks for sharing!

  10. andreag76 • 5 days ago #

    Thank you Francesco78 !

  11. juanj • 4 hours ago #

    What happened after August 21?

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