HLHB Trend Catcher – DAX mtf

HLHB Trend Catcher – DAX mtf

I coded this strategy after reading this website https://www.babypips.com/trading/forex-hlhb-system-explained, where the logic is best described.

Basically it enters LONG when a Fast Ema crosses over a Slow Ema AND Rsi crosses over its mid line. The reverse for SHORT trades.

I used the same settings for Ema’s (5 and 10), while I changed Rsi periods from 10 to 8 because the optimization granted better results. I also optimized TP’s and SL’s.

I coded it on DAX 1-minute default TF and 1-hour TF for signals.

Many inner workings are commented and easy to understand and change.

I will describe what I think deserves a deeper insight:

  • Line 10 sets the default TF (1-minute).
  • Line 12 allows to choose how the Trailing Stop code should behave (0 will use CLOSE to check prices, 1 will use HIGH/LOW).
  • Lines 21-157 allow to choose trading hours, days and months.
  • Lines 160 and 161 are the basic conditions for Long/Short trades.
  • At line 163 TF 1-hour is started, that’s where the signals are returned.
  • Lines 184-190 set data to be used as signals (two Ema’s + Rsi).
  • Lines 192-195 prepare the setup for LONG tradses, while lines 196-200 prepare the seup for SHORT trades.
  • The 1-hour TF has finished its tasks and it’s time to resort again to the default TF (1-minute) at line 202.
  • Lines 203-210 are used to avoid entering again after a signal, if a trade is exited before the next hour begins (the signal is still set, but entering at such a late time may cause SL to be hit).
  • lines 211-230 enter trades and set flag TradeON to 0, to finish what lines 203-210 have started.
  • The last snippet starts at line 233, it’s the TRAILING STOP. Lines 233-343 set the reference to either CLOSE or HIGH/LOW according to one of the first options encountered earlier:
    TRAILSTART         is the number of pips after which trailing starts.
    BASEPERCENT     is the base percentage of profits to be secured when Trailing begins.
    STEPSIZE                is the number of pips needed to increment SL.
    PERCENTINC        is the percentage that BASEPERCENT needs to be incremented each STEPSIZE pips. So that if BASEPERCENT     is 10% initially, after each STEPSIZE chunk will be incremented by this PERCENTINC, if it is 20%, then BASEPERCENT     will rise to 12% the first time, then another 20%, rising to 14.4% the second time and so on… as profits grow.
    PRICEDISTANCE is the minimum distance the broker requires for an instrument when a pending order is entered (I use 7 for DAX, despite it is actually slightly lower).

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  1. fatlung • 54 days ago #

    Hi robertogozzi, may i know the timezone for this stratety.
    Besides, it would be great if somebody could test it for a longer period.

  2. fatlung • 54 days ago #

    it also seems the take profit for long vs short side is a bit unbalanced. Do you know why?

  3. robertogozzi • 54 days ago #

    TZ is UTC+2 (also called CET)

  4. robertogozzi • 54 days ago #

    I think because DAX is mainly in an uptrend recently.
    I added options to trade both LONG and SHORT positions, you may choose not to go SHORT.

  5. winnie37 • 53 days ago #

    wonderful, thanks a lot Robertogozzi :-). Yes, if we could backtest on 200k, it would be nice !

  6. Gaspare • 48 days ago #

    Ciao Roberto……ottimo
    si potrebbe avere un TS simile per tradare anche i cfd future americani?

  7. 25sonalgo • 42 days ago #

    grateful if anyone could provide 200k backtest results! thx

  8. robertogozzi • 35 days ago #

    No GraHal, there’s no topic open. It would be great if you could start one and post that link here. Thank you.

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