Dax M5 – Ichimoku strategy with 3 timeframes

Dax M5 – Ichimoku strategy with 3 timeframes

I share my first strategy. Ichimoku is fashionable actually. So I tried to parameter a strategy on the Dax in m5 with a filter on UT, m15 and H1.
Taking losses and letting go of your winnings is the idea for TP and SL management.
The leverage is 5×1 € and a spread of 2. Test from January 2018 to now.
Good test and thank you for your feedback.

(google traduction, je suis français)

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  1. Nicolas • 207 days ago #

    Good job, thanks for sharing!

  2. Gregg • 207 days ago #

    Nice strategy, I will test it!

  3. AE • 207 days ago #

    Thanks! How can check with 200k bars?

  4. AE • 207 days ago #


  5. Gregg • 206 days ago #

    Hi there,
    here is a 200k units for this strategy. It’s strange, it seems that the strategy was worse at first but much better then …

    • Nicolas • 206 days ago #

      Typical OOS backtest. Sign of survivor bias usually popup in OOS period.

    • tba69 • 206 days ago #

      hello, actually it’s a lot less pretty as a startup. I am amazed at the difference that there can be following the periods … What do you mean typical OOS backtest ?

    • Nicolas • 206 days ago #

      Out Of Sample period. Period that you didn’t use to develop/optimize your strategy.

    • Nicolas • 206 days ago #

      @tba69 That’s ok, the strategy is good IMO, thanks again for sharing 🙂

  6. tba69 • 206 days ago #

    Is it possible to have more than 200K bars ?

    • Nicolas • 206 days ago #

      Yes with V11, up to 1M bars!

  7. winnie37 • 206 days ago #

    what do you mean, Nicolas?

    • Nicolas • 206 days ago #

      You should do your homework about ‘survivor bias’, ‘overfitting’, ‘robustness’, 🙂

    • winnie37 • 201 days ago #

      that was i was thinking about… 🙂

  8. tba69 • 206 days ago #

    I think I got excited too fast … will IG go to version 11 soon?

    • Nicolas • 206 days ago #

      Once beta is over, they should be able to upgrade to v11. I’m confident that it will happen this year.

  9. fatlung • 201 days ago #

    Will anyone please test it on 0.1% absolute stoploss; and MFE of 0.5% (applied on high rather than close), the whole story seems more comfortable.

    • tba69 • 200 days ago #

      The strategy has been “optimized” with a low success rate but with a high ratio.

  10. fatlung • 201 days ago #

    Also, I would like to know the timezone applied on this strategy. Thanks

    • tba69 • 200 days ago #

      I’m on Paris timezone.

  11. frenqle • 200 days ago #

    I changed stoploss to 15 and profit to 90. looks good on the 1 minute, but i can not backtest further than april..

    • fatlung • 199 days ago #

      I see your rationale, but i am afraid the win rate is a bit too low to stand and keep running the strategy so it would be great if somebody could modify the strategy, striking a better balance between win rate and the profit . (IMO only no offence)

    • tba69 • 198 days ago #

      Indeed the success rate is very low, it is only offset by the ratio of x10 between the SL and the TP.

  12. Littefrido • 177 days ago #

    Hello everyone, I allowed myself to change TP and SL and the results are really good on 200k bars.

    IF achat and Time Chat and not onmarket and toto = 0 THEN
    toto = 1
    Buy n shares at market

    IF vente and TimeVente and not onmarket and toto = 0 THEN
    toto = 1
    Sellshort n shares at market

    Check it out.

  13. Littefrido • 177 days ago #


  14. snucke • 149 days ago #

    have anyone tested this live? and how does it perform?

    • Gubben • 147 days ago #

      I liked the idea so much I put it early into live and it took 19 straight losses before hitting a win. So far 5% win with G/L of 0.62, but it also has an open position in profit today so if we’re lucky it breaks profitable today.
      Looking at back tests I managed to set it live right after a win and before the regular drawdown which turned out longer than previous ones. I like the strategy so I have faith and will let it run for now.

    • Gubben • 119 days ago #

      Since july 24th it’s doing well. Started with a longer drawdown than expected but now it’s 12% win rate and 1.77 G/L . It’s had 4 of those big winners. I’ve tried finding other instruments to try it on but no luck so far. I’ve tried one on OMX30 and although the gain/loss came out similar it’s 60% time in market so doesn’t feel as neat.

  15. Tony87 • 75 days ago #

    Gubben do we have a progress report?

    • Gubben • 72 days ago #

      So far so good. After a long drawdown it was winning four times in five weeks. Since 24 july, 46 trades, 4 wins, 42 losses. Worst trade was almost 4 times the average I guess because of a weekend gap so could have gone the other way too. 8,7% winrate, 1.18 G/L. It has 15 losers in a row now so statistically it should take one home soon. It was really close to taking another win but instead it went down to a loss. I know Grahal thinks one should help the bots sometimes and maybe here I should have done that. In anyway, it looks good so far to me.

      I am also running a variant on OMX but that one has a different stop loss approach and is much more in market unfortunately. It is profitable so far though, but needs more time to tell cause it doesn’t take trade

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