Gann Market Model Short Term Correction strategy

Gann Market Model Short Term Correction strategy

Buy in bulltrend when short term correction is ended.

Orders are triggered when a short term correction has ended and in a well established bullish trend. I used the indicator you can find here: Gann Market Model to determine the point entries.

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  1. Jan Wind • 06/26/2018 #

    Thanks a lot for the new strategy.
    I just run it on the DAX, it gives not yet steady results. (on different time frames, from 5 min till a full day)
    1. What timeframe do you suggest to use for this strategy ?
    2. Is the Gann Market Model Short Term Correction strategy also useful for short positions / preferably both short and low positions ?
    Kind regards,

  2. odin • 06/26/2018 #

    i use it on daily Chart only. i use it on stock market for long only startegies. i´m no fan of short positions.

  3. noisette • 06/26/2018 #

    Hi Odin, Thank you for the code.
    I made sone test with M1 timeframe and results have to be improved but so far interesting.
    Please find here modified code:

  4. Onega • 06/26/2018 #

    Sorry, a quick question I cannot see on forum please ?…Using ProScreener, how can we get the full list of stocks that meet the criteria, not just the top 50 ?
    Thank you,

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