the chikou is 26 periods behind current price, it's not the close
Nicolas Chikou is the current Close decayed 26 periods in the past of the chart. yes, thanks for the correction. my post was complete rubbish
robert123 hi there, how do you get the images of the knights etc into your code....and is there anywhe...
swapping hello robert123, on this site ->
marcosamo Hello and thank you for this indicator, I have a small problem, it only shows the pawn at th...
marcosamo in fact I just saw a rider, so everything works sorry for my previous question
swapping perfect marcosamo, coupled with ichimoku-price-pattern this is better ;)
XXXXVII Great job! Indeed it leaves to think ..
Jigsaw20000 Bonjour, vous auriez un conseil pour régler l'affichage de l'indicateur ? les textes s'affic...