EURUSD 15-minutes timeframe Dhigh / Dlow Strategy

EURUSD 15-minutes timeframe Dhigh / Dlow Strategy

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you a strategy that works on the EUR / USD instrument in 15 minutes timeframe.
I have set up a partial position closure but unfortunately it still does not work in real time.

There is something that is problematic for me, some positions last very long time on the market and pay attention to overnight charges!

Good trades!

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  1. Finning • 69 days ago #

    I don’t have enough bars to properly backtest on, but I’m getting 100% win rate out of this without tweaking with 3:1 runup to drawdown. Works with 10 minutes too. A great strategy!!

  2. Mags67 • 69 days ago #

    Thanks, looks to be a great system but ProOrder cannot handle orders that partially closes positions. Can this be changed and still maintain your idea?

  3. Matriciel • 68 days ago #

    @ Finning
    Indeed, I did not notice that the system worked in 10 minutes but the drawdown is much more important.

    @ Mags67
    You can enable or disable the partial closing position.
    – To activate the partial closure of position: CloturePartielle = 1 (On)
    – To deactivate the partial closure of position: CloturePartielle = 0 (Off)

  4. snowmei • 68 days ago #


    It was amazing, 100% winning trades! Thanks for sharing! I suppose you have applied it – just wonder if it works in real the same way? of course apart from slippage.

    Also would like to ask a question about trailing stop as a newbie, wonder if you could help me out. Auto trade I set stop as 30P and trailing stop 10p, a sell order sent in (in demo) last night 6pm, overnight the price had gone down 50p and then pulled up 55p the order still open. Also I noticed the stop is actually 10p on the order. Just confused how exactly these stops works on prorealtime. Thanks!

  5. Matriciel • 68 days ago #

    @ snowmei

    I did not apply this robot in real because the positions remain too long on the market, in my opinion.
    About trailing stop, it is better that you ask ProRealTime or Nicolas to explain their operations.

    • snowmei • 68 days ago #

      Why don’t you close all the position before the market close then re-access the situation and open a trade next morning?
      IF time = 210000 THEN

      BTW I am new to the site, how to ask Nicolas?

  6. Matriciel • 68 days ago #

    The variable “Schedule” is not mandatory. It does not change much. I integrated it into the robot because the module “Walk Forward” finds a very slight increase in earnings.

    Nicolas is the webmaster of this website.

  7. Gregg • 67 days ago #

    Hi Matriciel, thanks for your share.
    I backtested the strategy with 10000€ from january 2017 to june 2019, great results !!! But in February 2018 I have a loss of 8000€ ! So dangerous if it happens the first month you launch the strategy don’t you think?

  8. Matriciel • 67 days ago #

    Yes indeed.
    You have to test this strategy in demo mode for a while before launching it in real life to see if it is doing well.
    This strategy is to improve, all remarks is good to take! 🙂

  9. agamennone m • 66 days ago #

    hi,i’m new about this,somebody can explain me how does this strategy works?

  10. luigiR • 58 days ago #

    hi, can you explane how to try to launch with pro order?
    good job

  11. ricky1028 • 14 days ago #

    hI, I’m a beginner of ProRealTime, when i try to launch automatic trading, it pops up the message below.
    “Trading systems with orders that partially close a position cannot be sent to ProOrder (ex: SELL SHARES AT MARKET). Make sure that no quantity is specified in instructions to close positions (in this case, the instruction closes the entire position). Ex:

    Could you please advise the possible solution for code modification? Many thanks!!

    • Gubben • 9 days ago #

      Apparently there is no support for partial closing. If you want to modify to be viable, remove the parts of the code with “CloturePartielle”.

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