3 Lines Breakouts screener

3 Lines Breakouts screener

Here is a screener that will detect 3 Lines Breakouts. It has to be tuned to fit your needs : change the ScreenerBehavior variable to the value that you target :  1 = bullish breakouts, 0 = bearish breakouts , 2 = all breakouts.

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  1. JJ Tec • 12/30/2020 #

    Buenos Dias,
    He estado ojeando el código de programación, y no entiendo las variables que usas. En concreto estas:
    if (close > Chand1PH and Trend=1) then
    if (len > 3) then

    el screener tiene como objetivo localizar pautas planas del tipo ABC?

    Gracias por el aporte.

  2. BoutDePain • 12/30/2020 #

    The variables ChandXXXX are for the lines in the 3 Lines Break indicator. PB is for the low and PH is for the high of each line.
    It is not related to ABC patterns but to 3 Lines Break chart visualization you can lean more about it here : https://school.stockcharts.com/doku.php?id=chart_analysis:three_line_break

  3. BoutDePain • 12/30/2020 #

    Here is the updated screener with variables that are more understandable:

  4. BoutDePain • 12/30/2020 #


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