Bollinger reversal strategy

Bollinger reversal strategy

Hello ProRealCode-community,

i´m an enthusiastic prt-user and run about 10 to 15 profitable strategies live with my IG-account. I have market experience about 15 years.

This is one of my real trading strategies. It deals with Bollinger exit and re-entry with RSI comparison. Results are on DAX/GER30 1 hour chart. It’s a long only strategy.

More can follow …. if you like …



… and here is the code …

Feel free to comment.

Happy trading.


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  1. Johan Holmberg • 08/12/2016 #

    Hey! When i backtest it i get no trades. Is that something more i need to do? Thanks!

  2. Somatolysis • 08/12/2016 #

    Hey Johan,
    do you use IG or Prorealtime directly?
    Maybe you use the End of Day version of prorealtime.?
    This is a system on 1 hour periods. 08:00 to 22:00 (Berlin timezone).
    Can this be the reason.
    Otherwise normaly it should work.
    If not – please contact again.

  3. Robert975 • 08/12/2016 #

    in the script i get an error on line 1
    “Syntax Error: Line 1, Character 10”
    So i can’t test it in PRT
    Did i missed something here?
    Greetings Robert

  4. Somatolysis • 08/12/2016 #

    First line in the code must be:
    defparam preloadbars=5000
    Sorry. My mistake

  5. Doctrading • 08/12/2016 #

    Nice system.But on ProRealTime CFD, I don’t have the same results at all.Regards,

  6. Somatolysis • 08/12/2016 #

    Can’t understand this.
    dax 5 or 1 eur mini with 1 hour timeframe 080000 to 220000 trading hours (Berlin timezone). Nicolas published the itf file.
    if you have any further questions please contact me again.

  7. Doctrading • 08/12/2016 #

    Ah ok. 
    I have 24H/24 DAX.
    How can I get only 08H to 22H graphes ?

  8. larouedegann • 08/12/2016 #

    tu peux avoir cela avec 
    Options plateforme
    Fuseaux et plages horaires avec prt cfd
    a +

  9. Somatolysis • 08/12/2016 #

    Hi Doctrading,
    I only have the German platform.
    You have to use the workstation options. See the screenshot.
    Don´t use 24 hours – between 220000 and 080000 there is no reference market and spread of 7 points at IG.

  10. Somatolysis • 08/12/2016 #

    haven´t managed to add a file attachment… ???

  11. Eric • 08/12/2016 #

    I dont think you can change the time-data in proorder, indicators and chartdata is always based on 24 hours on a 24 hours index
    you can choose to only trade 0800-2200 but the indicators use all data also out of hours
    maybe Nicolas can enlighten us on this?

  12. Somatolysis • 08/12/2016 #

    Hi Eric, 
    you can definitely change it. Just use the workstation options and you’ll see that the trading hours as well as the basics for indicator calculations will take your settings.
    All other things don’t make sense for livetrading.

  13. DonDollar • 08/12/2016 #

    Hi Soma,
    ich brauch hier noch einmal Deine Hilfe. Mit der von Dir geposteten Strategie habe ich mal einen Backtest im DaxMini 1 Min auf 1h laufen lassen. Dabei kam eine Rendite raus von 2,9% Getestet wurde der Zeitraum (5000 bars) vom 26.12.2014 bis heute. 
    Code siehe hier:
    defparam preloadbars=5000
    defparam cumulateorders=false

    defparam FlatBefore = 080000
    defparam FlatAfter = 214500

    BBdo = a -1* StdDeviation

    if not longonmarket and average[200] < average[200][2] and Close < BBdo*0.975 and RSI[10] < 20 and time<220000 then
    buy 1 contracts at market

    if longonmarket and Barindex - tradeindex >= 2 then
    sell at market

    set stop %loss 2.5

  14. Doctrading • 08/12/2016 #

    OK, it works.
    Thanks !

  15. DonDollar • 08/12/2016 #

    bei mir weichen die Ergebnisse von Deinen ab. Hast Du eine Idee warum? Habe die gleiche Einstellung gewählt und bei IG im Live (nicht Demo) zum testen. Aber die Ergebnisse passen nicht.
    Viele Grüße

  16. Johan Holmberg • 08/12/2016 #

    I’m on ProRealTime from IG. I changed the trading hours to match the screenshot but still can’t get a trade. What more can be wrong?

  17. Somatolysis • 08/12/2016 #

    Hi Johan,
    first line in the code must be:
    defparam preloadbars=5000 (not defparam preloadpars=5000)
    Sorry. My mistake
    Additionally take care that you change trading hours for correct instruments –> for 1 EUR Mini you have to choose “Indizes – DAX” – for 5 EUR Mini you have to choose “Indices – DAX Mini”
    Hope it will help you.

  18. CKW • 08/12/2016 #

    Hi Soma,
    Thanks for sharing this strategy!
    I am get a positive results but not so sure if same as yours. Can I verify with you from 1/Jan/16 till today, about 8 trades executed? Based on DAX 1H

  19. Somatolysis • 08/12/2016 #

    This is a system on 1 hour periods. 08:00 to 22:00 (Berlin timezone).
    Can this be the reason.

  20. CKW • 08/12/2016 #

    Yes. I already adjusted to 08:00 to 22:00 according to your advice. It’s about 8 trades executed but result is excellent! 7 Wining trades, 1 Losing trade.

  21. Somatolysis • 08/12/2016 #

    Cannot compare now cause i’m on the train. But sure this can be true.

  22. Johan Holmberg • 08/12/2016 #

    Hey Somatolysis.
    Unfortunately i can’t get it to work 🙁 Have tried the time adjustment you suggest following the image. Can i be that i run on PRT 10.2 with java from IG’s website?

  23. CKW • 08/12/2016 #

    Hi Johan,
    I am running PRT 10.2 from IG application. That’s fine for me 🙂

  24. Somatolysis • 08/12/2016 #

    do you use the right instrument? Dax 1eur mini or dax 5eur mini

  25. Somatolysis • 08/12/2016 #

    If it doesn’t work please send a screenshot of your timesettings

  26. IGOSNELL • 08/12/2016 #

    Thank you, one of the few strategies that worked out of the box and delivered similar results on the SA top forty index. A lot of the strategies that I have written don’t deliver much. Starting to believe that contra trend maybe the way to go not just because your strategy works but at times I have written code and made a mistake by doing the opposite of what I intended and got interesting results. Any more useful strategies you may have please share.

  27. CKW • 08/12/2016 #

    Hi Somatolysis,I tried to modify it for Sellshort case by changing the conditions. Unfortutenately, it doesn’t work.Any specific reason why your strategy don’t include Sellshort case?

  28. Somatolysis • 08/12/2016 #

    Hi CKW,
    no special reason for that.
    Just because it doesn´t work short.

  29. Somatolysis • 08/12/2016 #

    you´ll find other of my strategies here – but without the code – maybe I like to start some business out of this. 
    Description only in German availible at the moment.

    • Nicolas • 08/12/2016 #

      Thank you for contribution. Please consider that advertising is tolerate as long as you continue to help people around here on Prorealcode.

  30. IGOSNELL • 08/12/2016 #

    Thanks but unfortunately can’t read German. If you can show that your strategies can work on the SA top 40 index I wold buy them.

  31. • 08/12/2016 #

     Hi, I cant make it work. And if you doing so much money. Why do you have to sell it? It dont sunds right to me. I cant get it funktion. You wrote, wrong it shuld be this, but it is the same code? Are I stuided???????????????

  32. T-rader • 08/12/2016 #

    Eva… He dosen´t sell anything. He is just a nice guy that want to share on of his strategys with us…
    To get the code to work you need to change defparam preloadpars=5000 todefparam preloadbars=5000.

    Thanks for sharing!

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