Volume Spread Analysis VSA TAC v1.2

Volume Spread Analysis VSA TAC v1.2

The “Volume Spread Analysis” VSA focuses on the price and volume action sought by professional operators (or Smart Money).

The “Volume Spread Analysis” VSA is a mode of analysis that dates back to the end of the 19th century. where price and volume are related.

In 1898 it appeared in the United States a mysterious book, signed by one ” Hoyle ” whose author is unknown.

Its content was a controversial both for the time, in him a little less than conspiratorial theory, which explained the true functioning of markets stated. ” Hands strong ” and ” weak hands “. He spoke of a new concept as the ” Pool “, the performance of such syndicated strong hands as if it were a single operator.

In addition to this, precisely defined basic market processes, which generate movements. Curiously, in a simultaneous time with the life and works of Charles Dow who is credited with this theory: “accumulation” and “distribution”.

In short, his book ” The game of Wall Street ” defined as strong hands, acting in a coordinated manner through processes of accumulation and distribution were able to move markets at will. This is the basis of the analysis approach  (VSA) .

A few years later, at the beginning of the twentieth century, there was a succession of major operators stock in what we might call a “golden era of technical analysis.”

Among them legends in their own style of trading:

  • Jesse Livermore:  for many considered the best operator of all time. Operational was based on a thorough knowledge of reading the movements in prices and volume. He explained how markets are driven by professional traders.
  • Richard Wyckoff:  precursor operational by accumulation and distribution. With his literary works he laid the first seeds of this style would later be called  (VSA) . However, their ” know-how “, the way it operates, was influenced by the work of  Jesse Livermore .

There is no evidence of a direct link between the work of ” Hoyle ” and these two operators, though their methods are quite resembled the foregoing in it, the theory was behind it. Both were pioneers in this view of the markets and the results obtained during his career investment guarantee them.

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  1. Gianluca • 02/21/2020 #


  2. adxx • 02/21/2020 #

    we missed you so much tacbolsa ..

  3. Gianluca • 02/21/2020 #

    I saw you blog and i am very Excited for the new production of the new “Volume Profile + Initial Balance + Channel VWAP”.
    May i ask if you did it already?

    • TACBOLSA • 02/21/2020 #

      It will only be for the Prorealtime 11 version when it is available on all Platforms, IG, Bankinter etc, etc.

  4. Gianluca • 02/21/2020 #

    Yes i know, i am asking becouse i have PRT 11 with interactive brokers

    • TACBOLSA • 02/21/2020 #

      A new version is missing that solves some programming problems that I requested,

      As soon as they are solved, I tell you.

    • Gianluca • 02/21/2020 #

      Hi i saw your blog is private now, still no hope for more developing of your projects?

  5. Gianluca • 02/21/2020 #

    Realy. Thank you!

  6. lumarino • 02/21/2020 #

    Bom Dia TACBOLSA. Me podes dar acesso ao teu Blog para acompanhar o teu excelente trabalho?? meu mail é lumarino68@gmail,com. gracias

  7. 19Tom85 • 02/21/2020 #

    Good evening, I am new here and quite interested in Volume Price analysis. may I ask you if you could please grant me access to your blog as well? It says I can’t access because I am not invited.
    Best regards

  8. angelpero • 02/21/2020 #

    Me alegra ver que has vuelto a programar en Proreal, me gustaría poder acceder a tu blog, si es posible, gracias!!

  9. Fulminant • 02/21/2020 #

    Merci pour tout ce travail.

  10. lake • 02/21/2020 #

    I am new to VSA and PRTv11. I get a bug with the dashbaord, it prints nothing.
    I get confused with all your addons that you offer. Can you tell me the one which is uptodate and the most useful for VSA ? So far I struggle a lot to identify ”up-thrust”, ”test”, ”weakness”, ”strength”, ”being locked in a range” and so on.

    Also, can you do an addon showing the ”volume for the options of the underlying asset?”, for instance the volume for the options for SPX, CAC40, DAX, FTSE and NASDAQ. I don’t see it offered by stock PRTv11.

  11. kal • 216 days ago #

    Buenos días TACBOLSA. Estoy muy interesado en ver tu blog para ver la explicación con detalle del VSA. Eres tan amable de enviarme una invitación ? Muchas gracias.

  12. 1Randy • 94 days ago #

    I would be interested an invite to your blog. I am still learning about the VSA and it looks very interesting to me because volume is a leading indicator.

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