MegaFXProfit trading signals oscillator

MegaFXProfit trading signals oscillator

The MegaFxProfit indicator is a trading signals oscillator that use the median price position according to the recent highest high and lowest low boundaries of the market price.

The oscillator use a small smoothing function to make it more readable and therefore give delayed but clear signals of the market direction.

It could assimilate to a moving average of median price that cut the middle of a Donchian channel to send trading signals. Nothin new here, but I translated it from MT4 version following a request in the trading indicators forum.

The MegaFX indicator plots green and red signal arrows according to the oscillator cross of the zero line. The indicator should be used in conjunction of any other technical analysis or other set of trading indicators.


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  1. EZB-Schmarotzer • 6 days ago #

    Everytime an indicator or expert has “Mega”, “Ultra”… in it, it’s a pathetic loser XD But thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Balmora74 • 4 days ago #

    thanks Nicolas very good idea for trading fx…. Just one question : what is the difference between v1 and v2 ?

    • Nicolas • 4 days ago #

      I wasn’t aware of 2 versions?

    • Balmora74 • 1 day ago #


    • Nicolas • 13 mins ago #

      Sorry, I removed the first file, it was not supposed to be here 🙂

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