Startup All Time Low + OBVolume = Weinstein/Wyckoff

Startup All Time Low + OBVolume = Weinstein/Wyckoff


I would like to share my startup screener to detect accumulation and possible breakout inspired by Stan Weinstein and Wyckoff logic.


Why investing in startup?

Because it the most profitable strategy in term of % of gain and in time invested

The idea is to find an all time low and high volume activity (Bollinger Band breakout of OBV).

I personnaly scan startup and find in which business the company is active

Good luck and I am opened to feedback.

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  1. Papismedov Avram • 10/31/2019 #

    Hello Yannick. Thank you for sharing.
    You can replace your “All time low identification” (“for … next” lines) with one command:
    ATL = lowest[BarIndex](low)
    Good Luck

  2. Yannick • 10/31/2019 #


    Thanks for code optimisation, it should faster@Avram
    @GraHal I run the screener on France alternext or similar market (startup or mining companies). The screener is designed mainly for start ups company at the begining of the start up of the upside trend , when “the death valley” of cash flow is met . This pattern occurs at different stages : prototype, first sales, new market introduction. The bottom of the valuation of a company is met

    OBV is expeted to be negative, because seeder and first investors before Initial Public Offering must have sold their shares for profit taking at the seed stage or different rounds of funding.

    The psychlogy behind this pattern is : at IPO, the company is losing money, everyone is selling, selling, the company lose money…… then the free cash flow becomes positive or expected earning. Some funds or insiders are buying , which indicated high volume activity. Then trend is launch , the price rise, and OBV is positive : more buyer than seller.

    I have learned this pattern with Twitter example last year in 2016 or with the financial education that I got with my personal startup project.

  3. Yannick • 10/31/2019 #

    This screener should as well with mining companies with strong cycles (exploration, development, mining)

  4. JJ Tec • 10/31/2019 #

    Muy interesante la apreciaci贸n sobre empresas IPO, similar patr贸n de comportamiento lo he observado en acciones americanas nuevas (Tradeweb, Pinterest, )….la utilizaci贸n del OBV para la detecci贸n de estas empresas es muy efectivo, particularmente, uso una modificaci贸n del OBV que captura el inicio de fases alcistas en gr谩fico diario y semanal. Tambien el indicador (al que he llamado remora), actua como un filtro efectivo para estrategias tendenciales.

  5. JJ Tec • 10/31/2019 #

    como puedo colgar una imagen?

  6. Yannick • 10/31/2019 #

    Hello JJ Tec, we can speak in english here (puedes hablar en espanol pero toda la gente habla ingles)

  7. Philippo • 10/31/2019 #

    nice, thanks

  8. Kh峄焛 Ph谩t • 10/31/2019 #

    why can not use this code? when i copied after that paste in ambiroker it was run.

    • Nicolas • 10/31/2019 #

      We do not provide any code for Amibroker on our website. All codes are to be used with the ProRealTime trading platform.

  9. Yannick • 10/31/2019 #

    Please find an updated version with stocks below 200 average
    //ATL All time low identification
    ATL = lowest[BarIndex](low)

    //High volume activity
    myOBV = OBV(close)
    BollUp = avgOBV+stdevOBV

    //ATL zone and volume activity
    screener[ c1 and c2 and c3 ]

  10. Papismedov Avram • 10/31/2019 #

    missing line of condition 2 “c2=myOBV>BollUP”

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