EMA5 – TMA8 trading signals

EMA5 – TMA8 trading signals

Hi all,

Here is a simple code asked by one of my website user.

We have a BUY signal (green) if :

  • the exponential average 5 (close) > the triangular average 8 (close)
  • close > triangular average 8 but close of the previous candle < triangular average 8

Of course, we have a SELL signal (red) for the inverted conditions.

Don’t forget to set “achat” and “vente” to Histogram, and to set the colors.

I also added a blue line with value “0”.

The EMA5 is in red, the TMA8 is in blue.

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  1. gianlox • 08/23/2016 #

    I added a simple momentum indicator (MACD). I think much better results:
    achat = 0vente = 0MACD12M = MACDline[12,26,9](close)MACD12S = ExponentialAverage[9](MACD12M)
    // INDICATEURSEMA5 = ExponentialAverage[5](close)TMA8 = TriangularAverage[8](close)
    // ACHATca1 = close[1] < TMA8 and close > TMA8ca2 = EMA5 > TMA8
    IF ca1 and ca2 AND MACD12M>MACD12S AND MACD12M[1]>MACD12S[1] THENachat = 1ENDIF
    // VENTEcv1 = close[1] > TMA8 and close < TMA8cv2 = EMA5 < TMA8
    IF cv1 and cv2 AND MACD12M<MACD12S AND MACD12M[1]<MACD12S[1] THENvente = -1ENDIF
    return achat as “ACHAT”, vente as “VENTE”
    happy New Year !!!

  2. gianlox • 08/23/2016 #

    achat = 0
    vente = 0
    MACD12M = MACDline[12,26,9](close)
    MACD12S = ExponentialAverage[9](MACD12M)

    EMA5 = ExponentialAverage[5](close)
    TMA8 = TriangularAverage[8](close)

    // ACHAT
    ca1 = close[1] < TMA8 and close > TMA8
    ca2 = EMA5 > TMA8
    ca3 = MACD12M>MACD12S AND MACD12M[1]>MACD12S[1]

    IF ca1 and ca2 AND ca3 THEN
    achat = 1

    // VENTE
    cv1 = close[1] > TMA8 and close < TMA8
    cv2 = EMA5 < TMA8
    cv3 = MACD12M<MACD12S AND MACD12M[1]<MACD12S[1]
    IF cv1 and cv2 AND cv3 THEN
    vente = -1

    return achat as \"ACHAT\", vente as \"VENTE\"


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