Ehlers Simple Decycler

Ehlers Simple Decycler

This indicator was originally developed by John F. Ehlers (Stocks & Commodities , V.33:10 (September, 2015): “Decyclers”).

Mr. Ehlers suggested a way to improve trend identification using high-pass filters. The basic smoothers like SMA , low-pass filters, have considerable lag in their display. Mr. Ehlers applied the high-pass filter and subtracted the high-pass filter output from the time series input. Doing these steps he removed high-frequency short-wavelength components (the ones causing the wiggles) from the time series.

As a result he got a special series of the low-frequency components with virtually no lag – the Decycler.

The Decycler is plotted with two additional lines (the percent-shifts of Decycler) and together they form a hysteresis band.

If the prices are above the upper hysteresis line, then the market is in an uptrend. If the prices are below the low hysteresis line, then the market is in a downtrend. Prices within the hysteresis band are trend-neutral.

(description found on the web, indicator converted from Pinescript language following multiple requests on the forums).


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  1. Vinks_o_7 • 238 days ago #

    Thanks !

  2. ggolfet • 237 days ago #

    I tried to apply the indicator on a daily and weekly chart, but there’s something wrong. Probably I made an error. The indicator does not “follow” the chart. It’s plotted above or under the chart (it depends on the stock you plot). I used the itf file. Have you got any suggestion. The indicator seems very useful.

    • Nicolas • 237 days ago #

      Try to adapt the “highpassLength”

    • ggolfet • 237 days ago #

      Thank you very much, on a daily / weekly chart it works with highpass lenght near 3-4.

    • avatar
      thebigdeal • 236 days ago #

      Ehlers Simple Decycler, bjr nicolas, je trouve cet indicateur assez dĂ©mentiel, ?…. prometteur pour une stratĂ©gie avec levier Ă  mettre en place … , pensez vous que celĂ  en vaut la peine ? et si ou sur quelle indicateur etf ou cfd d’après vous ? en daily ? merci YJ

  3. Bard • 237 days ago #

    Cheers, a great addition Nicolas!

  4. jacob78692110 • 235 days ago #

    hi, i have past the code and the indicator is not in the graphique. he’s down like RSI

    • Nicolas • 235 days ago #

      Apply it on the price in the price settings window

  5. Bewater • 226 days ago #


  6. eva.g.forsgren • 223 days ago #

    I cant make it work in anyway.

    • Nicolas • 223 days ago #

      Play with the “highpassLength” settings and add more units displayed on your chart.

  7. MrEastwood • 187 days ago #

    Interesting indicator! Can anyone get it working for longer “highpasslengths”? I’ve been testing lengths of 80-100 on a 1 min chart, but the result just looks strange…

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