EURUSD trend following strategy MACD Time frame : H2

EURUSD trend following strategy MACD Time frame : H2

A simple trend following strategy built with MACD default settings and ADX.
Orders are launched when the MACD cross the 0 level line and with ADX minimal value condition.
Orders have stoploss and takeprofit.

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  1. FREDNC • 215 days ago #

    Hi Francesco,
    Maybe I didn’t undersdant well your strategie but it’s looks like have a mistake In the short part : “cs = indicator crosses under 0 and summation[n](indicator[1]>0)=n and adx[14]>adxmin”
    Should be for adx[14]
    Isn’t it ?

  2. FREDNC • 215 days ago #

    Well, I just checked the Adx advices And I understand the meaning of your code (trend) , did you try with: “Adx Adxr” ?

  3. Francesco78 • 215 days ago #

    Hi, no I didnt try with ADXr but you are more than welcome to post some results of your ideas based on my strategies.
    Thank you

  4. juanj • 215 days ago #

    DId some tests using MACD validations on higher timeframes using MTF functionality and unfortunately couldn’t get improved results without tweaking other parameters (i.e. SL and TP) as well. Leading me to believe that either higher timeframe validations on MACD are not beneficial or the TP and SL parameters are too optimized. Either way, I like the simplicity of the strategy.

  5. FREDNC • 215 days ago #

    Hi Francesco I tried with :

  6. FREDNC • 215 days ago #

    adx[14]>adxmin and adx[14] > adxr[14] and adx[14]>adxmin and adx[14] DIminus[3](close) and DIplus(close)>adxmin and DIplus[1](close)adxmin and even with optimisation of “adxmin ” not better than your code

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