DI TEMA Trendfollowing strategy on DAX 5 min

DI TEMA Trendfollowing strategy on DAX 5 min

Please find below a simple strategy based on a combination of the DI and TEMA indicators.

It performs quite well on the DAX 5 minutes (7:00-22:00 trading), for 100.000 bars, spread 5 pips.

Conditions to OPEN positions (see settings in the code)

1 TEMA trend turn into positive (for long) or turns into negative (for short)

2 the DI increases, but starts from below zero (Long) or decreases, but starts from above zero (short)

The only CLOSE conditions are  a Trailing stop loss, whereby the Trailing stop is reduced after 12 trading bars.

I tried it on several indices in different timeframes, I only got good results for the DAX, 5 minutes bar.

Disadvantage of this strategy is the long TTM, Time in the Market, of at least 65 %, obviously also overnight.

As a spread I have taken into account 5 pips, which should include 3 pips for interest to be paid (estimation 4% x exposure 12.000 Euro for 1 contract x 65% in the market / 120 trades per year)

This strategy requires a bit different settings for 2019 alone (for better results) compared to the settings set in the code for the whole period of 100.000 bars. I am (obviously!) looking for automated setting adjustments during different structures of market movements, any suggestions are more then welcome.

Any suggestions for improvement welcome !

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  1. fatcat • 250 days ago #

    Thanks Jan. But unfortunately I cannot confirm your backtesting results! Much worse!

  2. Jan Wind • 247 days ago #

    Hallo Fatcat,

    1. Most important: Did you set the trading hours to 7:00 to 22:00 CET, not including the nightly hours ? (Dutch/German time, UK time one hour earlier)
    Go to Options –> Platform Options –> Time Zones and Trading Hours –> (Adjust) trading hours

    2. The results shown are based on a IS 66% / OOS 34%, you can simulate this with varying the TEMA variable (28/30). The results IS/OOS are better than non IS/OOS testing, with the same variable settings, which is weird (I would expect the same results for running the code for 100.000 bars with or without running an IS/OOS, if the only optimised variable TEMA appears to be 28 in both runs)
    Maybe someone can explain or have experienced the same thing ?

    3. The results from half March till May 2019 are not that good, which negatively influence the performance

    Hope it helps you further
    KR Jan

  3. fatcat • 237 days ago #

    Sorry, but not working with trading hours 07:00 – 22:00 CET either. Are you sure it is exactly the code matching the results? Can anybody confirm the trading results? Thx!

    • Jan Wind • 236 days ago #

      sorry to hear. Today I did run the code for 100.000 bars (from 17 dec 2017 till 31 may 2019) with no IS/OOS , just run the code and the results are OK

      1 Euro contract on the DAX, with a spread of 5 (!) points to cover the spread plus interest costs for positions overnight
      Period 13 dec 2017 till 31 may 2019
      Exposure +/- 12.000 Euro (1 Euro Dax contract)
      Total Gain 3.566 Euro
      Winning 63%
      Gain/Loss 1,46
      TTM 64%
      Transactions 167

      The last 5 months are showing negative results, however the last trades are winning again.

      Not sure why it does not work with you

      Again I want to mention that Walk Forward (IS/OOS) result with exactly the same setting give much better result, which is WEIRD (4.302 Euro instead of 3.566 Euro)
      I only vary the TEMA value with a variable tt, which can have the value 28 and 29, and run an IS/OOS with 66% IS 34% OOS (just 1 Walk Forward), with appears an optimal setting of TEMA of 28
      KR Jan

  4. nfulcher • 97 days ago #

    Please could someone explain how the following code is calculated:-

    iDI = TEMA[3](DI[DI2](close)) //default TEMA 14

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