Cumulative RSI 2 periods strategy

Cumulative RSI 2 periods strategy

Long only strategy that performs extremely well on any world indices and beyond on a daily timeframe. I will certainly do much exploration of this very short term mean reversion strategy, as it seems very powerful without doing any change on triggers. 

The main trigger is based of a "cumulated RSI" over the 2 recent periods while trade are launch only if the price Close is above a 200 period moving average.

When the cumulated RSI enter in oversold territory, we expect the price to return to its mean, on the bullish trend. We exit the market when the CRSI gain overbought area above the 65 level.

As for my current test : (with exactly the same code on CFDs)

CAC40 :  (featuring picture) : 10€ /contracts, 1 contract per trade since 1988 = +370% / % Drawdown max = 12.7%

IBEX35 : 2€ / contract, 1 contract per trade since 1994 = +134.33% / % Drawdown max =  25.6%

SP500 : 1€ / contract, 10 contract per trade since 1984 = +95.33% / % Drawdown max = 8.08%


Period = 2
CUMRSI = SUMMATION[Period](RSI[Period](close))
AVG = average[200](close)

//initial lot
initLOT = 10


If LongOnMarket AND CUMRSI>65 THEN


Risk disclosure:

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  1. TradingDeckard • 02/17/2016 #

    Very interesting strategy and easy one! Have you tested it in any other markets than your examples??

    • Nicolas • 02/17/2016 #

      Not yet. A nice thing to do would be to implement another strategy into this one when price go bearish and dive under the MA200. Of course, it works well because of the mean reverting thing over a nice bullish movement, but adding other strategy over this one would be great, diversification is the key. As i said in this post, i need to work further on it, you are right, it is very interesting!

  2. f.favret • 364 days ago #


    Avec une période de 2, la formule “CUMRSI = SUMMATION[Period](RSI[Period](close))"

    équivaut elle bien à

    "CUMRSI = RSI[2](close de la barre courante) + RSI[2](close de la barre précédente)"?


    • Nicolas • 364 days ago #

      FR/ Bonjour f.favret, en effet c’est bien la même chose!

      EN/ CUMRSI on 2 period is the same thing as additional of last 2 RSI values :

      // example of the same result
      r = RSI[2](close)
      result = r+r[1]
      CUMRSI = SUMMATION[2](r)
      RETURN result as "result",CUMRSI as "cumrsi"


    • f.favret • 363 days ago #

      Merci / Thanks!

    • f.favret • 363 days ago #

      Why not summation of the 2 lasts RSI 14 period ?of  other period?

    • Nicolas • 363 days ago #

      A lot of quantitative traders believe that the RSI default ’14’ periods is dead, although for what it were developed to : spot the overbought and oversold areas of the price development over time. It does not mean that the RSI formula is mean-less, but not still effective with its default value for whom it were set, back in 1978 by M.Wilder! The cumulative RSI is nothing more than another indicator, it borrows the formula from RSI, cumulate 2 periods and that’s all. Why 2 periods for this one? because price behaviour, return to the mean fastly, no more no less.
      Automatic trading and quant strategy development are a vast playground, go on, play with period, create another indicator from this one or a fresh new one, if it works you were right, if not you still have an entire life to learn maths 🙂

  3. Doctrading • 343 days ago #

    Very nice and logical strategy…

    Could be used for example to take orders on the french “PEA” (Plan d’Epargne Actions).

    “RSI 14” is still alive !

    Best regards 😉

  4. Stef • 343 days ago #

    “1 contract per trade since 1988 = +370%” – is this per annum, or over the period? How much was your starting capital?

  5. Nicolas • 343 days ago #


    Over the whole period. I think that the starting capital tested were 10k€, this is my default value in the ProBacktest.

  6. gianlox • 209 days ago #

    I created the screener of this TradingSystem  but it looks like repainting, if today the screener gives me the signal to buy, the next day the TS does not draw anything on the chart. 

    • Nicolas • 209 days ago #

      Maybe because you screen with EOD data? So in this case you are already late.

  7. ML • 123 days ago #

    Hi All! Have you succeeded in developing a strategy also for the bearish side of the market? I tried but without success…

    Thanks a lot!



  8. jctrader • 53 days ago #

    Bonjour .

    CAC 40    1988 = 1000   today = 4900  soit 490%  en buy and hold  ….

    + 370% avec cette stratégie : désolé je ne saisis pas bien l’intérêt .

    • Nicolas • 53 days ago #

      Aucune immobilisation du capital. Quel est le drawdown du buy & hold ? Je ne l’ai pas calculé moi même, mais cela a dut être difficile en 2008 et 2012 ? Après coup, lorsque l’on a toutes les informations à disposition, certaines stratégies auraient été meilleures que d’autres. Il est vrai que l’on a coutume de comparer les stratégies d’interventions automatique avec le buy&hold sur les indices et les actions, malgré cela, une stratégie qui fait 370% à elle seule et qui peut être incorporé à un portefeuille plus vaste de stratégies automatiques est valable selon moi.

      Cette stratégie de mean reversion est tellement simple, qu’il aurait été dommage de ne pas la proposer à tous 🙂

    • jctrader • 53 days ago #

      ok pour le codage mais le choix “indice” n’est pas le bon : moins de 5%/an pour le meilleur et pour l’IBEX 1% annuel avec 25% de DD …..

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