Scalpers Dot Board – Trading dashboard

Scalpers Dot Board – Trading dashboard

As I do not robot and my bar chart is already covered with all kind of lines – and additionally my screen size is limited – I needed a way to get rid of all those extra windows below the chart. So here is my Dot Board solution. It is modularized, so one can simply add another module line for own needs (well, I myself want some more).

On the picture you see how it is built up: we go from the most general information at the bottom up to the very special information for a single candle.

  1. market session times
  2. squeeze or not
  3. accumulated trend
  4. (one way of) trading signal
  5.  (this line is still unused)
  6. PopGun and candle marker – well I don’t use much candles
  7. swing teller

Maybe you can make use of it and want to add your own module to it – or you just want a standalone module (that’s a version I use for testing before I integrate it into my Dot Board).


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  1. Toto le Heros • 07/27/2017 #

    Bravo ! Amazing !
    Any way to make circles/bullets bigger on the screen ?
    Big thanks !

  2. AVT • 07/27/2017 #

    yep, save the original first, incase your experiment fails.

    open the indicator
    use something saying “modify indicator” or alike
    use the replacement tool (the magnifiying lens)
    copy standard,11
    cursor into the search area, then do CTRL+V to copy it into the search area
    do the same in the replace area
    in the replace area substitute 11 by for example 16
    hit replace all

    Swing counter is using Standard,10 note: capital letter S
    For the market sessions there’s in the beginning of the code a section for copy and paste of symbols, if you want for example a square instead of a dot… well I guess, once you are in the code you will have your fun playing with it.
    Hope that will do the job for youl

    • Toto le Heros • 07/27/2017 #

      Thanks AVT. Your tip to make circles bigger works perfectly !

  3. gabri • 07/27/2017 #

    Wow, that is some great work!! Goo job!!

  4. casamania • 07/27/2017 #

    wow thats a lot of work

  5. John Doe • 07/27/2017 #

    Great! Thanks!

  6. juanj • 07/27/2017 #

    @AVT brilliant idea, love the way you are thinking outside the box of usual PRT limitations here! Can you maybe provide us with one or two typical examples of setups (referring to your indicator lines) that you consider high probability entry points?

    For Example:

    1. Session = Magenta
    2. Squeeze = Dark Red/Green
    3. Trend = Dark Red/Green
    4. N/A
    5. N/A
    6. PopGun Present
    7. Swing after count > 4

    • AVT • 07/27/2017 #

      I have to think about your example first – weekend, so brain is most time off 😉
      Will come back to that.

    • AVT • 07/27/2017 #

      Ok, best is if I show you what I did on Friday
      -. I trade indices, mainly DAX (but I do poach also in other european areas, FTSE, CAC, SMI ..)
      -. means as soon as US enters I am off – or at least very careful cause DOW is too crazy for me
      -. for the Session it means yellow till red (but I don’t need the session module, I know my times)
      0. check what events we have today which might interfere
      1. I take the h1 chart and and get an overview of the lines
      > squeeze is green -> follow the trend
      > trend is red -> general orientation for now short
      > previous strategy short but already darker, so not so strong any longer
      > swingteller 2nd green
      2. means in all: orientation short, but expect the first movement to go up
      3. I take m5 and look at the same
      > squeeze green -> follow trend -> trend green -> up, swingteller 3rd green, that’s still ok for long
      4. I take m1 and look the same
      > squeeze green, trend green but swingteller 9 green (that’s the last green) -> wait
      5. with the first green on the signal line I went long and with the exit signal I got off (+10p)
      6. pause, why did I not enter short (my orientation was short)?
      > because m5 is long and best chances are when m5 goes the same direction as m1
      7. started short at 8:56
      > squeeze green -> follow trend ->m1 already read, signal even earlier but against m5 and m5 trend green
      > swingteller with more red counts than green
      > 8:56 trend m5 changes to red and m5 to dark green > this risk is ok
      8. 9:06 exit nearly at bottom of m1 candle, why?
      > cause it was a strong movement and ended at a line marked as possible return in my chart
      > (additionally it was near a point where another strategy would go long)
      – in all about +60p

      So that is in detail how I deal with it: when squeeze line is green -> follow trend, what the trend is says the line above – remember it’s always better to have the next higher timeframe “on your side” – and avoid entering a trade if the swingteller has its last numbers cause that might turn into the other direction then.

      And I don’t use only the DotBoard, I have a lot of lines in my chart telling me when “it’s enough”. The popgun marker is one of them with an aim marker, range markers another. Additionally I am originally a highspeed scalper (slow in, fast out, no regrets) and due to that I sometimes act completely against all signals – but NEVER, NEVER against moneymanagement rules.

      I hope you got an idea how to use all the lines.

  7. Johan • 07/27/2017 #

    Do the session module work from anywhere in the world like it is, or do we need to adjust the time to align correctly? I’m in Stockholm/Sweden for example.

    Great indicator! Thanks a lot!

    • AVT • 07/27/2017 #

      My PRT is adjusted to use 24hours local time for everything. The times are for for European time, being CET+1 or UTC+2.
      Sweden is the same time zone, even summertime seems the same Mar-Oct, so for you it should be no change.

      But those times are hardcoded, means they must be adjusted to wherever you are.

      To make that dynamically changing means timezone conversion based on UTC and additionally summer/wintertime adjustment (as UTC – as far as I rember, just too long ago that I did timeconversions – does not calculate with summer/wintertime changes); and honestly spoken, I don’t want to be the one to code that.

      Hope that was what you needed.

  8. atxeel • 07/27/2017 #

    Real Awesome, thank you man!

  9. rispardin • 07/27/2017 #

    no entiendo como funciana este indicador, por favor alguien podria explicar como utilizarlo???

    • AVT • 07/27/2017 #

      No se trata de un solo indicador, pero cada linea muestra otra información,
      de abajo hacia arriba es más especial:
      1. tiempos de mercados
      2. “Squeeze” o no
      3. tendencia compuesto
      4. una forma de señal de trading
      5. linea sin usar
      6. PopGun y vela marcador
      7. numeros del Swingteller

      -. Apriete línea verde-> siguir la tendencia-> tendencia línea verde = Long
      -. línea apriete roja-> rango trading
      -. Es mejor si la unidad de padres del tiempo tiene mismas señales

  10. IV Mcm • 07/27/2017 #

    Your indicator is interesting, I evaluated its relevance with the squeeze to detect the phases of stagnation on the

    Fearsome in MultiTimeframe, it could give ideas for the algorithm.

    I have a lot, congratulations.

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