Hello, I have been using this automated system for over a year, with a couple of changes but overall useful and profitable on the DAX. It enters at Frankfurt market opening.

I want to share this with the community as I have been benefited too from the knowledge and good systems shared on the page.

Please feel free to test it and any improvements are very welcome.

N parameter can be used with 1.5 to 5.5

Also if anyone can perform the 200000 bar test as well, please do it so and share the results.

Many thanks

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  1. jebus89 • 10/24/2018 #

    Hi, 200K backtest looks horrible, sorry.

    • Nicolas • 10/24/2018 #

      The author uses optimized N variable, validated with WF analysis. Everyone should do his homework with this one 馃槈

    • jebus89 • 10/24/2018 #

      Im not sure what u mean Nicolas, maybe i have the wrong time-settings? Ive tried to optimize and tbh my optimizer window isa saying its the exact same results with N = 2-3.5 and almost same results for anything from 1.5 -> 5.5

      am i missing something here? Results from 2016-2018 looks good but 2011 -> 2016 looks like crap.

    • Nicolas • 10/24/2018 #

      Hopefully, David will explain his results and how he did proceed to get them.

  2. David Somogyi • 10/24/2018 #

    Hello Nicolas, thanks for the support.

    N variable can be optimized from 0 to 50 if you would like. Same for fdi parameter which is the fractal dimension index indicator that watches de volatility at market opening. This what Genetic optimization works for.

    Momentum indicator as well. Like i’ve said, I have used this bot for a year and more and it has performed well. I have placed different stop losses and even a take profit can be set too.

    I did not know about the 200k test, that is why I have asked for it. As Nicolas said, everyone can do their homework and maybe share some upgrades. This is a system with lots of potential IMO, so any improvement is very welcome.

  3. David Somogyi • 10/24/2018 #


    One year trades since Alpha running.

    Hopefully it will continue working on the future.

    Trade safe everyone

    • Nicolas • 10/24/2018 #

      Thanks for the update David!

  4. sublime06 • 10/24/2018 #

    quelle parametre utilis茅 vous pour obtenir ces resultat ? merci

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