NR7 pattern Screener

NR7 pattern Screener

The NR7 day is based on the premise that range contractions are followed by range expansions.
The screener adds other indicators to further qualify signals.
Buy on move above high of narrow range day high and Set trailing stop-loss.

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  1. srtrading • 03/31/2017 #

    Hi mexitrader
    i downloaded your nr7 screener. i also want to have your nr7 indicator (nr7 mejorado) where can i get it? Many thanks

  2. mexitrader • 03/31/2017 #

    Great I hope you like it. Here’s the code for NR7 indicator cheers

    C1= Range<Range[1] and Range<Range[2] and Range<Range[3] and Range<Range[4] and Range<Range[5] and Range<Range[6] and Range<Range[7]


  3. EricaT • 03/31/2017 #

    Hi mexitrader, could you not create the same pattern screener but on 4 candlesticks NR4 ? I wanted to try to modify the code by canceling Range 5, Range 6 and Range 7  but then I didn’t know how to change c3, c4 and c5 in the code . I know this indicator was created originally on 4 candlesticks . If you can do it I will appreciate it a lot . 
    Thank you 

  4. ShaunG • 78 days ago #

    Appreciated “mexitrader” thanks for sharing.

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