Guppy GMMA screeners

Guppy GMMA screeners

A request was made on the french proscreener forum to create two screeners based on the Guppy indicator and its 12 ema’s, one detecting the 6 fast and 6 slow ema’s getting closer, the other detecting their cross.

Based on Nicolas proposals, using biggest of fast ema and biggest of slow ema for getting closer:

and for the cross:

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  1. Nicolas • 04/01/2021 #

    Really excellent screener for Guppy method! Well done.

  2. Sofitech • 04/01/2021 #

    le screener “resserrement” (le premier) correspond aux flèches rouge / vertes sur l’image ?

    • JC_Bywan • 04/01/2021 #

      Bonjour, non les flèches sur l’image correspondent aux croisements des ema15/ema60, 2e screener

  3. jc_aries • 165 days ago #

    Thanks for the SCREENER. I have a doubt. Is it not necessary to put a time interval for the crossover search? Or does it automatically consider the last 254 bars of the historical data?

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